AFL trade news Deadline Day wrap: Gary Ablett, Jake Stringer, Bryce Gibbs, Josh Schache, Charlie Cameron, Lachie Weller and more

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    It’s all done! The 2017 AFL trade and free agency period is over after a flurry of deals were done on deadline day.

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    Here’s what I thought of every deal that got done on Deadline Day, in the order they happened.

    Bryce Gibbs, pick 77, Carlton Blues’ 2018 second-round pick and Carlton Blues’ 2018 third-round pick traded from Carlton Blues to Adelaide Crows for pick 10, pick 16, pick 73, Adelaide Crows’ 2018 second-round pick.

    A deal more than twelve months in the making to kick off the final day of the trade period, and it set in motion more than a few of the other deals that got done on deadline day.

    Carlton have gotten a great return in exchange for a 28-year-old player no matter how you slice it – that much is inescapable.

    However, the Crows regained anything lost here by the fact they landed pick 12 for Cameron and have two first-rounders next year plus Carlton’s second-rounder, likely an early pick again.

    Bryce Gibbs Carlton Blues AFL 2017

    (AAP Image/Joe Castro)

    Pick 50, West Coast Eagles’ 2018 first-round pick traded from West Coast Eagles to Gold Coast Suns for picks 21, 26, 37, Gold Coast Suns’ 2016 second-round pick.

    A bit of an odd deal with the Suns sending a slew of middling picks to the Eagles for a first-rounder next year that we don’t yet know the value of.

    The onus on West Coast is now to have a solid 2018 so they haven’t given away too valuable of a pick in this deal – I do feel like there’s the potential for this one to turn very sour if they have an average season.

    Aaron Young traded from Port Adelaide Power to Gold Coast Suns for Adelaide Crows’ 2018 fourth-round draft pick.

    A fairly small piece of business. Young has some good attributes and could be a handy player at the Suns, but not likely a star.

    Logan Austin and Port Adelaide Power’s 2018 fourth-round pick traded from Port Adelaide Power to St Kilda Saints for St Kilda Saints’ 2018 third-round pick.

    St Kilda bolster their key defender depth in exchange for a minor swap of late picks.

    Sam Murray, pick 70 and Sydney Swans’ 2018 third-round pick traded from Sydney Swans to Collingwood Magpies for Collingwood Magpies’ 2018 second-round pick.

    Collingwood gave up their second-round pick for an untried rookie and some loose change back the other way… and that was their only deal of the trade period. Absolutely baffling.

    Sam Gibson traded from North Melbourne Kangaroos to Adelaide Crows for pick 91.

    Ripping news to see Gibson get another chance, and at a club where his contributions will be highly valued. Best of luck, Gibbo, you’ll always be a Shinboner.

    Nathan Wilson and pick 71 traded from GWS Giants to Fremantle Dockers for pick 57 and Fremantle Dockers’ 2018 second-round pick.

    All things considered a roughly fair deal for both clubs, depending on how well Fremantle go next year.

    Nathan Wilson GWS Giants AFL 2017

    (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

    Matthew Lobbe traded from Port Adelaide Power to Carlton Blues for pick 95.

    Rhys Palmer two-point-oh.

    Jake Stringer traded from Western Bulldogs to Essendon Bombers for picks 25 and 30.

    Potentially a really great get for the Bombers if he can turn around his form both on the field and off of it.

    As for the Bulldogs, this kind of return is enough to make you want to throw up. At least until you see what they do next…

    Carlton Blues traded picks 16 and 40 to Western Bulldogs for picks 28 and 30 and Western Bulldogs’ 2018 second-round pick.

    This is pretty nifty from the Dogs – they get the first rounder they wanted for Stringer, but had to give up their second next year for it.

    It’s not Carlton’s greatest move ever but could help them match some father-son players next year and of course helps them in another deal to come…

    Pick 53 traded from Geelong Cats to Richmond Tigers for Richmond Tigers’ 2018 third-round pick.


    Matthew Kennedy traded from GWS Giants to Carlton Blues for pick 28.

    This makes Carlton’s pick swap make a lot more sense, and is probably a more fair price for Kennedy than it was speculated the Giants might get.

    Still unders for someone who was a high pick two years ago, but not the worst unders the Giants have ever received for a talented kid.

    Luke Hodge and pick 44 traded from Hawthorn Hawks to Brisbane Lions for picks 43 and 75.

    This deal apparently took two weeks of negotiation if you can believe it. Try not to think about the kind of salaries that get paid to people nuttering this out, it’ll make you sad.

    (Photo by Justine Walker/AFL Media)

    Darcy Lang and Geelong Cats’ 2018 fourth-round pick traded from Geelong Cats to Carlton Blues for pick 58, Carlton Blues’ 2018 fourth-round pick.

    Potentially a bargain for the Blues if Lang’s career can be given some life support and revitalised there. They’ve ventured little so don’t need to gain much to justify the deal.

    Gary Ablett, pick 24 and Gold Coast Suns’ 2018 fourth-round pick traded from Gold Coast Suns to Geelong Cats for pick 19 and Geelong Cats’ 2018 second-round pick.

    The Son of God enjoys his Second Coming to complete The Holy Trinity, just as the ancient books foretold.

    Pick 19 given to the Cats as free agency compensation for a serial underperformer in Steven Motlop winds up in the hands of the AFL’s lovechild club… do you smell something fishy? Because I smell something fishy.

    Charlie Cameron traded from Adelaide Crows to Brisbane Lions for pick 12.

    Having traded themselves out of the first round the Crows finally relent and accept what is very much an overpayment for Charlie Cameron. Brisbane blinked on this one, don’t think it was the right move.

    Pick 34, Adelaide Crows’ 2018 fourth-round pick traded from Port Adelaide to St Kilda for pick 59, pick 63 and St Kilda Saints’ 2018 second-round pick.

    Not this year’s most fascinating swap.

    Lachie Weller and pick 41 traded from Fremantle Dockers to Gold Coast Suns for pick 2.

    If Brisbane blinked, Gold Coast went blind. This is an absolute shocker, giving up pick 2 and paying $4 million over five years for a player who, yeah, he’s alright, but he’s not worth this, not by any stretch of the imagination.

    What a deal for Fremantle though – they have two top five picks without giving up their 2018 first-rounder and still landed Nathan Wilson. Incredible.

    Lachie Weller Fremantle Dockers AFL 2017

    (AAP Image/Tony McDonough)

    Josh Schache traded from Brisbane Lions to Western Bulldogs for picks 25 and 40.

    Brisbane must have been mightily desperate to offload Schache to accept an offer like this, that’s genuinely horrendous.

    An excellent turnaround from the Bulldogs though – effectively traded Stringer and their 2018 second-rounder for pick 16 and Josh Schache.

    Personally, I’d be quite pleased with that as a Dogs fan, and it’s much better than what I expected they’d achieve this morning.

    Brandon Matera traded from Gold Coast Suns to Fremantle Dockers for Fremantle Dockers’ 2018 third-round pick.

    Minor deal, if either club gets a useful player out of it then good for them.

    Brisbane Lions traded picks 20 and 25 to Richmond Tigers for picks 15 and 52.

    Seems to largely be positioning for the expected draft bids for Connor Ballenden (Brisbane academy) and Patrick Naish (Richmond father-son).

    North Melbourne Kangaroos traded pick 46 and North Melbourne Kangaroos’ 2018 third-round pick for West Coast Eagles’ 2018 third-rounder and St Kilda Saints’ 2018 third-rounder.

    I waited all trade period for North Melbourne to do something, literally anything, and this is what I got.

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