Cooper Cronk confirms he wants to play on in 2018

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    Cooper Cronk has confirmed to his agent George Mimis that he wants to continue his NRL career in the city of Sydney in 2018, and possibly even after that.

    The Daily Telegraph has reported Mimis as saying: “Cooper asked me to explore what opportunities are out there and he will play if the right option exists.”

    It is believed that the Sydney Roosters are Cronk’s most likely destination if he does finalise a deal to play on in 2018.

    Cronk announced several months ago that the 2017 season would be his last as a member of the Melbourne Storm, moving to Sydney to be close to fiancee Tara Rushton.

    It didn’t affect his form in the season however, and instead he played a key role as the Storm dominated the competition.

    His time at Melbourne ended in the best possible way, part of a side that comfortable defeat the North Queensland Cowboys in 2017 NRL Grand Final.

    Cronk had previously kept quiet about his plans to play or not play in 2018, but there has been rumour building that Sydney clubs, in particular the Roosters, are interested in his signature.

    Cronk said in the lead up to the 2017 NRL Grand Final that he oped to make a decision before the Rugby League World Cup, which begins next week.

    “I will be doing everything I can for this footy team to have a memorable 2017 and once it is done and dusted, I will be a bit emotional about it at all.

    “Hopefully between now and the World Cup there will be a decision made.

    “I haven’t had that light bulb moment. There’s been occasions walking through the hallways and the locker room thinking is this the last time I do it? But I have been cold hearted and non-emotional about it.

    “Whenever I do it, I slap myself over the back of the head and say, ‘what’s my job, what’s my role, how can I get better?’ No matter the result next week, I will fall in a heap, but my focus is how can I improve each of my teammates and myself.”

    Josh Elliott
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