An American sports reporter completely mutilated a meat pie and Australia is furious

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    Ben Simmons may be dunking all over his opponents and flirting with triple-doubles every night – he’s averaging 18/9/8, by the way – but the biggest news to come out of Philadelphia recently has to do with… food?

    Inspired by Simmons’ (and to a degree, head coach Brett Brown’s) Australian background, the 76ers have recently decided to start selling meat pies at their home games in the Wells Fargo Center in Philly.

    Now, it’s safe to assume that most Americans have never eaten a meat pie, but ESPN reporter Darren Rovell decided that he would give it a shot, and posted a video on Twitter of him digging in, which you can see in the video player above.

    There’s a lot going wrong in that video. Rovell takes a knife to the defenceless pie, cutting it into pieces until it’s unrecognizable, before eating it without tomato sauce.

    Predictably, there was a serious backlash from offended Australians everywhere, as Rovell suddenly found himself at the centre of a bit of an international incident.

    Even the police got involved:

    In his defence, Rovell was at least able to recognise the error of his ways, taking to Twitter to apologise:

    Hopefully, Americans everywhere can use this incident as a lesson and proceed to eat meat pies properly (two hands, sauce on top) in the future.

    We’re still waiting for Simmons to offer his thoughts on the controversy.

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