Cheika deserved to have the rule book thrown at him after the England Test

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    Michael Cheika will face no disciplinary action for his “f***ing cheats” comment during the English Test.

    The official statement merely gave the Aussie coach a warning, stating, “The Disciplinary Officer has, however, urged Mr Cheika to be aware of the risks during matches when he knows he will be being filmed and potentially broadcast and where possible to moderate his conduct and language accordingly.”

    In 2013, Dylan Hartley called Wayne Barnes an “f***ing cheat” and received an 11-week ban. As a result, he missed certain selection in the then-upcoming Lions tour.

    Such disciplinary inconsistencies are appalling.

    Both comments bring the game into disrepute and are abusive of game officials. Any allegation of cheating is against the spirit of the game. Yet, a player is treated differently to a coach.

    Not only that, both Hartley and Cheika have form when it comes to disregarding the spirit of the game.

    Cheika smashed the glass in a coaches box and abused a cameraman (twice). Hartley’s history was also not for the abuse of match officials.

    It casts the inconsistent decisions of the judiciary into even greater contrast.

    The Code of Conduct, which applies to coaches, and the Laws of the Game, which apply to players, prohibit such conduct. It does not create a defence in the case of a poor performance by a referee.

    I am impressed with the way Cheika and his team have improved the physicality and play of the Wallabies. Unfortunately, he has developed into a bit of a whinger after defeats. That in itself is an unattractive trait. Calling referees cheats should be a punishable trait.

    Whatever disciplinary body made the decision last week has let rugby down, and Rugby Australia should discipline their head coach.

    I do not want to be represented by a person who conducts himself such a fashion.