Can anyone stop USA at London Olympics?

Wheres the plus at?? Please!!

6 Jun 2012
NBA Playoffs: Could they get any better?

Definitely agree with you mate on some things? How are the Spurs on the decline? They are flying and have assembled a great roster. The lakers are on the decline but may snatch dwight howard this off season. They had their chance against OKC but couldn't finish them off. Boston are playing extremely well for their roster. I'm hoping they can steal one just like OKC did today! OKC will be a force for years to come. If Perkins can continue to play as he is now for the next couple of years they will be even better. They struggle mightily without him covering the paint.

5 Jun 2012
It’s showtime in the NBA: Spurs v Thunder

No I'm a Toronto Raptors fan. KD is one of my favourite players, it's pointless writing about him. Everyone knows how good he is, not many people know how good Leonard is though. KD is one of a kind mate, very hard to go past him!

23 May 2012
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