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Alec Swann is a former Northants and Lancashire opener turned cricket writer. Newcastle United and golf generally occupy his other sporting interests but there's a bit of rugby league thrown in with the Warrington Wolves and a soft spot for the Newcastle Knights.

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If you don’t make a decision on Clarke you get a mess

If you don't make a decision on Clarke you get a mess

2 days ago

On the face of it, all the ingredients are there for an argument that doesn’t really want to get started. A cricketer thinks he’s fit, and a selection panel aren’t too sure. Quite easily solved, you would think, and thus avoiding all the inevitable toing and froing that the media have been lapping up in […]

Johnson’s the number one and rightly so

Johnson's the number one and rightly so

19 Nov 2014

He beat off some thoroughbred competition but, when it was all done and dusted, there could be only one winner. Mitchell Johnson’s regeneration, from laughing stock to lord of all he surveys, culminating in his ascension to ICC Cricketer of the Year – and Test Cricketer of the Year for good measure – has provided […]

Maxwell and Tests just don’t mix

Maxwell and Tests just don't mix

12 Nov 2014

Watching the opening instalment of the Australian international season last week – the Twenty20 against South Africa – a couple of things caught my eye. One was the abomination that is now the Adelaide Oval, an iconic cricket ground now a nondescript multi-purpose bowl. Progress is one thing; crapping all over history is something else […]

Aussies shouldn’t expect a quick and bouncy ride

Aussies shouldn't expect a quick and bouncy ride

1 Nov 2014

A few years ago I ended up being involved in a debate with an opposition player regarding the pitch that our respective sides had just completed a league game on. His issue was that it been deliberately left dry in order to favour the hosts – my team – and it was an unsporting gesture […]

It’s time for Australian cricket to go back to what works

It's time for Australian cricket to go back to what works

28 Oct 2014

When all else fails, it’s time to resort back to plan A. The thumping handed out by Pakistan in the first Test, as well as reinforcing the impression that Australia just don’t do slow and attritional, made it quite clear that the team selection was awry. As a general rule, the XI put on to […]

Pietersen’s rantings a depressing affair

Pietersen's rantings a depressing affair

9 Oct 2014

The intention was to pass comment on Australia’s return to the international scene – Steve Smith continues to impress, he’s certainly more effective than I thought he’d ever be – but the game of cricket has taken a back seat this week. In its place, there has been the advance viewings of Kevin Pietersen’s literary […]

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