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The journey continues for Eric Wallace

24 May 2014

Two years ago Eric Wallace started his journey into Australian rules football. At the time I wrote an article on Eric and was genuinely excited at the thought of such a massive athlete taking on the challenge of AFL football. Eric was given his nickname ‘The Beast’ which is obviously due the fact that he […]

AFL’s first man from Sudan

AFL's first man from Sudan

24 Apr 2013

For me to make the trip to Etihad Stadium is a seven-hour round trip. For a 4.40pm game on a Sunday, even when my team the Swans are involved, it is not an option when I have to work on Monday. But Sunday was different. I made the trip because I wanted to see one […]

Moneyball or the Youth Policy?

18 Jan 2013

When the AFL decided to introduce an 18th club, based in Western Sydney, they needed a strategy to help get the club kick-started. There are two strategies they could have used – ‘Moneyball’ and the ‘youth policy’. To try and best explain the two different strategies, I will make up two geniuses who go by […]

Google's most successful sporting team of 2012

24 Dec 2012

So your team may or may not of taken out the big one this year. But who took out the most searched team on Google award for 2012? That award went to the Sydney Swans. Not only did they pick up a $1 million dollar cheque and the AFL Premiership, but they were also the […]

Where no American has gone before

21 Dec 2012

So you have an opportunity to play a code of football at the highest level and yet you have so many questions. Well, you can be expected to run a half marathon over the course of the game, play on a field that is twice as long and three times wider than any NFL field […]

The battle for the Marngrook Footy Show

4 Dec 2012

When I read the ABC had decided to axe the Marngrook Footy Show, I had to read it again and then search the internet for confirmation. This completely amazed me. The show has been axed due to the increase in cost and low ratings. Hang on a second, aren’t we talking about the ABC? Don’t […]

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