Chelsea may have won the EPL, but they were not the team of the year

It's an interesting analogy. Rather than talk about best teams (no matter how they did it, Chelsea were by far the best team in the EPL), what about "over-achievers". To this end, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Stoke City and West Ham deserve a mention. Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester United under-achieved.

26 May 2015
A-League Season 10 ends with a bang… and a fall

Well, Andy, I heard the Victorian police praising the behaviour of supporters. There you go - reported.

18 May 2015
We’re not Europe, so let’s move on and embrace A-League finals

However, Fuss, the sporting events you mentioned are annual representative events between the same two teams every year, and there is no "qualifying" series for those teams to make a "final" as it were.

7 May 2015
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