An open letter to FIFA: How to get out of 2022

I think FIFA needs to grasp the concept that "transparency" doesn't mean being OPENLY corrupt.

15 Nov 2014
Could Australia theoretically host a football World Cup?

Here's my (not so) bold prediction: FIFA will take the tournament away from Qatar if it doesn't move to a January schedule. They will do so not because of the blatant corruption involved in the bidding process but because of either A) the heat or B) an inability for Qatar to deliver what they promised in the way of facilities (even if they do, FIFA will find something wrong). This is the way FIFA saves face; to take the tournament of Qatar because of corruption is an admission by FIFA that they were complicit in that corruption. Moving on: Sure, Australia could host a World Cup, but maybe not in June/July, given the power wielded by the AFL in ground availability. I mean, they'd have to cancel their season! (shakes head in disbelief...) One thing I picked up in relation to some of Daniel's ground ideas was the fear that circular grounds would be frowned upon. Many of the grounds that have hosted past WC finals games have been athletic stadiums with a running track separating the pitch from the fans. Arguably the Socceroos most famous game ever was in Stuttgart against Croatia in 2006 and the crowd were a long way from the pitch. I don't think it's quite the concern we are all led to believe.

13 Nov 2014
To play or not to play: The A-League’s international date question

I forgot to mention the most important issue in the article - all these missing players is playing havoc with my A League fantasy team!

12 Nov 2014
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