Cheika’s rugby revolution set to bamboozle opposition

You lost me as soon as you referred to Dean Mumm as a stalwart. Buh-bow. Fail. Unless he had a Damascan revelation in Europe, I cannot see Mummsie overcoming his previous problems that (1) he is too often a little man playing in a big man's body, and (2) he's a 6 not a lock (although Cheiks seems to have worked that one out finally).

9 Jul 2015
An alternate format for Super Rugby

Um, what is the point of this hypothetical. So you tell the Kings, Gauchos and Samurai they can't come in, despite being approved for S18? Unless the Super comp gives the Bokke an extra team they'll take their ball and go play with the Northern kids. Now while some of us would be happy with that, SANZAR has balls the size of peas, so they won't stand up to them. Plus your format has 4/5 Bokke teams in Tier 2. It renders Tier 1 an ANZAC plus 1 Bokke chum format which kind of defeats the idea of SANZAR. Plus the Bokke would never take the hit to the pride of 1/5 teams. By far better would be splitting it into Atlantic and Pacific conferences, an extra Argie side to make it 8 SAF/ARG sides, PI or 2nd Japan side to make it 12 Pac sides, limited cross over (maybe 2 away games for other conferences), and then top 3 Atlantic sides and top 5 PAC sides into final. But also won't happen as SANZAR seems wedded to as many crossover games as possible despite them now making the comp so big it is becoming impractical, and also delivering SAF games that will not rate in ANZ because they are on in the middle of the night.

13 Feb 2015
The NRC rule variations are helping improve the game as a spectacle

The rules make the game great to watch. I also feel they still leave the set piece in place, and important, but without bogging the games down in them. So the NH will treat them like poison, and run a mile. Kick and clap brigade wins the day again.

19 Sep 2014
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