Perth Spirit looking to Savage North Harbour

Bring it. Long walk home back to Perth from Brookvale boys. Time to get stung!!!!

19 Sep 2014
NRC will make a huge difference for Australian rugby

Fully agree Scott. The comp has been great, but it will also change as the teams and players develop. Only concern is rumours like below under "NRC not pleasing folk who really matter" that Fox don't like what they see. Here's hoping this is just water cooler talk by un-important peanuts, rather than anyone that matters. If Fox seriously think they have bought a lemon then (I) they don't realise it's actually lemonade, and (2) what were they expecting for crowds (2007 ARC provided a guide) and quality (as you say it will get better, but it has been pretty decent so far)? Tell you what Fox, just put on some more Icelandic truck racing, that'll get people signing up ....

12 Sep 2014
My love/hate letter to ANZ Stadium

2 words - exclusivity agreement. Homebush has the "right" to be the biggest stadium for a set time. The SFS cannot expand seat numbers while it is in place. Which limits refurb options. Really we need Suncorp v2 to replace the SFS. If they could lever it into the area the SFS is wedged in.

7 Aug 2014
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