Why I have given up on AFL

Best piece on this issue. Without. A Doubt. Can we nominate this for a Walkely for Sports journalism?

30 Jul 2015
What will Super Rugby look like in 2016?

Well that headline was misleading. Mostly waxing lyrical about the final, the brief comment on the 2016 season with no real explanation of how the conference system or finals will work. Reset button please.

9 Jul 2015
Cheika’s rugby revolution set to bamboozle opposition

You lost me as soon as you referred to Dean Mumm as a stalwart. Buh-bow. Fail. Unless he had a Damascan revelation in Europe, I cannot see Mummsie overcoming his previous problems that (1) he is too often a little man playing in a big man's body, and (2) he's a 6 not a lock (although Cheiks seems to have worked that one out finally).

9 Jul 2015
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