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Journalist. Formula One fanatic since 1998. Half of 'Hit the Apex' podcast - formerly known as 'J&B Talk F1', in association with Roar colleague, Jawad Yaqub. You can find us on Twitter @HitTheApexMedia and yours truly @BaydenJW. I also enjoy running - nine marathons at last count, always looking ahead to the next one!

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Lessons learned from Melbourne

Lessons learned from Melbourne

20 hours ago

The opening race of Formula One’s new era delivered a pleasantly surprising outcome, yet many departed Melbourne lamenting the racing spectacle as teams and drivers adapted to the overhauled regulations.

Forza Ferrari in Melbourne

Forza Ferrari in Melbourne

2 days ago

The spectre of disappointment following qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix was immediately neutralised as the sleeping beast which is Ferrari roared into life on Sunday at Melbourne.

A qualified outcome in Melbourne

A qualified outcome in Melbourne

3 days ago

The disappointment which accompanies unrealised expectations reared its inevitable head on Saturday at Melbourne, as Mercedes reasserted their dominance in qualifying.

F1 Melbourne: Liberty Media hits the ground running

F1 Melbourne: Liberty Media hits the ground running

4 days ago

Liberty Media has displayed that it intends to make good on its aspirations to improve the ‘show’, by establishing a firm agenda at its first race weekend.

Managing expectations in Melbourne

Managing expectations in Melbourne

5 days ago

The growing optimism that Mercedes’ recent dominance can be curtailed will be put to the test in the coming forty-eight hours, therefore it’s appropriate to evaluate potential outcomes from each end of the spectrum.

Sergio Perez’s career campaign

Sergio Perez's career campaign

6 days ago

Seven podiums in six seasons on the grid is a respectable tally, though the crossroads has arrived for Sergio Perez.