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Journalist. Formula One fanatic since 1998. Half of 'Hit the Apex' podcast - formerly known as 'J&B Talk F1', in association with Roar colleague, Jawad Yaqub. You can find us on Twitter @HitTheApexMedia and yours truly @BaydenJW. I also enjoy running - nine marathons at last count, always looking ahead to the next one!

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Vettel’s opportunity to reinvent himself

Vettel's opportunity to reinvent himself

4 days ago

Sebastian Vettel counts four titles on his watch, though it’s only in his tenth complete season on the Formula One grid that the German has been presented with the opportunity to define his own legacy.

Bottas botches rare opportunity

Bottas botches rare opportunity

6 days ago

On the same weekend that he claimed his maiden pole position, Valtteri Bottas failed to seize the initiative on which his Mercedes tenure rides at Bahrain.

Hamilton’s praise of Vettel rivalry repudiates Rosberg legacy

Hamilton's praise of Vettel rivalry repudiates Rosberg legacy

13 Apr 2017

Lewis Hamilton is revelling in a looming championship duel with Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel, though his concentrated sentiments undermine the worth he places on his erstwhile intra-team battle with Nico Rosberg.

Is Räikkönen being marginalised by Ferrari?

Is Räikkönen being marginalised by Ferrari?

11 Apr 2017

Standard Formula One convention dictates that a title contending outfit assigns a lead driver, complemented by a ‘number two driver’, though in certain instances the latter find themselves an insignificant consideration.

Weighing in on Wehrlein’s mature decision to skip the Chinese GP

Weighing in on Wehrlein's mature decision to skip the Chinese GP

6 Apr 2017

News that Pascal Wehrlein will miss this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix has provided further ammunition to those who believe the German isn’t cut out for the rigours of Formula One.

F1’s perennial lust for yesterday musn’t cloud the future

F1's perennial lust for yesterday musn't cloud the future

5 Apr 2017

Four years remain on the present Concorde Agreement, though Formula One’s polarising hybrid experiment already appears numbered, with a consensus for cheaper and more audible power from 2021 reached.