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Chris is a sports humour writer dedicated to proving his theory that professional sport is just an excuse for grown men and women to earn big bucks for having a good time.

Also loves a God Damn snack.

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Thirroul Butchers
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AFL, Cricket, Cycling, Football, League, Motor, Netball, Rugby, Tennis,

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Benji and the Sharks: a match made on Struggle Street?

Benji and the Sharks: a match made on Struggle Street?

23 hours ago

Its 3:30am in rugby league’s dodgy discotheque and after a night of rejection, our two out-of-sorts stragglers catch one another’s eye across the sticky, smoke-filled dance floor. A coy smile. A cocky eyebrow raise. You don’t have to be Wade Graham to draw a picture of what happens next. The increasingly weary wingman, who has […]

QLD Origin crisis: Replacements to the rescue!

QLD Origin crisis: Replacements to the rescue!

4 days ago

For those who missed it The Replacements was a middling early 2000s sports flick about a bunch of rag tag ring-ins who are thrown into a professional American football side during a players strike. If you could suspend your disbelief for a couple of hours and imagine that one of the goofy stoners from Bill […]

Five far better excuses for the NRL’s sirengate

Five far better excuses for the NRL's sirengate

17 Apr 2014

Everywhere you go this week, NRL punters want to chuck in their two cents about the Storm versus Dragons siren shenanigans. However, few have asked the real question that needs to be asked. That is, how did all this actually happen? After all, referees’ boss Tony Archer’s explanation that Matt Cecchin reacted half a second […]

Who has the NRL’s toughest job?

Who has the NRL's toughest job?

14 Apr 2014

After watching his under-fire side get cruelly pipped in the final minutes, most NRL fans would be quick to tell you that new Warriors coach Andrew McFadden has the toughest job in the game. Is this really the case? Let’s face it. While getting thrown the keys to footy’s backfiring Daewoo Lanos and being asked […]

All hail Toovs, the Blues coach in waiting

All hail Toovs, the Blues coach in waiting

10 Apr 2014

When NSW loses this year’s State of Origin series, a number of fingers are bound to be pointed and plenty will be aimed at the coaching staff. Thankfully, if Laurie Daley does get the dump early, the Blues have the perfect coach to step into the toughest job in footy. A coach who can be […]

NRL’s half-arsed Heritage Round

NRL’s half-arsed Heritage Round

7 Apr 2014

The NRL’s Heritage Round is a chance for rugby league to look back warmly on the past while celebrating its future… for those who can be arsed making the effort, anyway. Unfortunately for the code and the wonderful Men of League organisation, which lend their name to the round, many clubs approach the fixtures like […]

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