Wallabies v Lions: Third Test Q&A

Brett, I am wondering how do you think the 10-12 combo for Australia is going to handle having Jamie Roberts and Sean O'Brien pound into it for 60 minutes and then most likely be joined by Tuilagi?

5 Jul 2013
NRL can’t afford to lose Benji, Sonny, and Izzy to rugby

Ryan, for the purposes of this article, I can understand why you have complimented Folau's performances so highly from the first two Tests, but to say he has been the been the best player with daylight second is somewhat deceptive. I am a Lions' fan, and I think I can say with assurance the player that causes us the most issues is Will Genia, who has been the player of the series so far. He really is moving into the elite levels of the game at the moment.

2 Jul 2013
IRB’s new laws geared for entertainment, not rugby

I haven't read any of the other comments but I think you will find what they are doing with the scrum is in fact making it more of a contest in a variety of ways. Over the past 10 years, it has become all about who could win the hit. This has not always been the case. In fact, they used to engage quite quickly and it was about scrummaging technique, not who had more weight and power on the initial engagement. The problem with scrums, in the NH especially is it now becoming who can win the penalty from it, not it being a base for set piece plays. Secondly, this will also allow for a greater opportunity for the referees to adjudicate the scrum feed, making sure it is fed straight which might make there be more of a contest for balls won against the head, a now very rare occurrence at the professional level.

28 Jun 2013
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