AFL 2013: previewing the rucks of Carlton and Collingwood

Bunny, Cheers for your interest and opinion. Firstly, I gave them a B+ to an A- for last season based mainly on effort. And largely that effort was Kruezer I will concede. I will concede further and say perhaps I should have graded harsher, but the point of my article is to grade the CURRENT state of the rucks. Secondly, The only reason I didn't judge them harsher was ( as I mentioned in the article ) because of the poor or inconsistent performance in the midfield. At no stage did I say anything about Hampson other than he was "Inconsistent," likewise with Warnock who I described as having "VFLitus." And i have addressed Kruezer's past lack of form due largely to injury and that, according to my info (which includes Carltons website) the guy is fit and firing. Thirdly, I rate on a basis of how complete the ruck division is. By this I mean whether there are any glaring deficiencies (depth, injuries etc). Right now you have three fit Ruckman, Rowe who has other issues presently (and i wish him the best) and no reason to fear a repeat performance. Based on this preseason, your ruck looks solid. I don't doubt that a three year extension for Warnock was foolish to say the least, and that Hampson has been frustrating for a long time, but changes in form happen and Malthouse may be the difference for these two (again something I mentioned in the article). Fourthly please do not presume ignorance of other fans. This site is about ones sporting opinion, and my opinion is that Carlton supporters should be optimistic about their ruck options. Including you. Lastly, invest in spell-check.

6 Feb 2013
AFL’s best home away from home stories

HA! Can't beleive i left out the Bombers in Wangaratta. Well, i guess it doesn't really count anyway being a preseasons match and the fact that it never actually happened. I actually really like the idea of teams playing for points in regoinal centres- i doubt it'll ever happen, but seeing more games like North Melbourne in Ballarat for example

31 Oct 2012
Why can’t I bring myself to get behind the Dockers?

Thanks mate, no one asked for a rating though, and really, i wouldn't of judged you if you just,,,you know...stopped reading, maybe? Did something productive with your time, maybe? It's just a puff piece, just opinion, expressing why Fremantle (for me) are still an unknown

13 Sep 2012
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