Greg Bird is dead-set lucky

Good call Storm Boy, but better to be wise after the event than never be wise at all. I don't agree it doesn't mean as much after the Alex McKinnon near tragedy, the next one might well be fatal or quadriplegic and until defenders get into their skulls that lifting over the horizontal is banned and an automatic send-off, any attacking player is at the whim of the defender. That's another form of Russian roulette, and the stakes are too high. Rugby has to watch itself as well, taken out opposition players without the ball. especially at the ruck-maul stage. Most of those hits are from behind when the innocent party can't see it coming. Whiplash can be just as devastating as a spear tackle. Even the AFL, where it used to be handbags at close range, has become super physical with shoulder charging, wipe-outs, and the odd punch, all up a dime a dozen a game. Aggression in a contact sport is part and parcel of what it's all about. But never when fatal to serious injury can be the result. We are not in the Colosseum. Yet.

15 May 2014
Vale rugby league immortal Reg Gasnier, a true gentleman of the game

sheek, any post from you always demands a read. You would have been in raptures watching Reg Gasnier's ability to beat a man so effortlessly, as well as cut down a promising opposition move. It was a privilege to watch "Puff" play, he was poetry in motion, and at speed. Reg is right up there with the best I've seen in action across the board - The Don, Ray Lindwall, Keith Miller, Wally Grout, Dawn Fraser, Rod Laver, Marjorie Jackson, Shirley Strickland, Betty Cuthbert, Margaret Court, Clive Churchill, Kenny Irvine, Johnny Raper, Bobby Fulton, Graeme Langlands. Artie Beetson, Wally Lewis, Trevor Allan, Ken Catchpole, Mark Ella, David Campese, Tim Horan, and John Eales. Sure there were others, but many Roarers would never have seen most of the above in action. But today belongs to "Puff the Magic Dragon" - what a helluva player, what a helluva bloke.

12 May 2014
Adam Scott follows in the Shark’s faltering footsteps

That's crap Pete, and you know it. They don't ALL blow leads, but Scott has blown the Australian Open, and Bay Hill, because he wasn't up to the Sunday pressure. And when he has the very best caddy in the world, there's even less excuse.

25 Mar 2014
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