The Centenary Test: The biggest event in Ashes history

Morning sheek, how about that, it's taken us 38 years to compare notes. I was a speck in the biggest cricket party of all time celebrating 100 years of the Ashes with a memorable Test, while you were the central figure in the biggest party of your life, celebrating your 21st with a memorable night. That we can recall so much with all that went on is a double testimonial in itself. Great days and great memories indeed.

3 days ago
It’s not Cheika’s fault the Waratahs lost, so why the witch hunt?

No confusion truth, Michael Cheika gave them the ammunition, but the players loaded blanks.

4 days ago
It’s a Hurricanes-Highlanders Super final

Good call Grahame, especially the referee. I refrained from even mentioning his name, little wonder he was escorted off the field, the crowd was understandibly hostile. He had an appalling game towards both teams. The more I see of who is supposed to be the best in the world, brings back memories of two retired world's best who ruined most of the games they controlled - Andre Watson and Jonathan Kaplan.

5 days ago
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