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Broich brilliance outweighs Del Piero Band Aid

Broich brilliance outweighs Del Piero Band Aid

16 Oct 2014

Mitchell Grima, in an article on The Roar earlier this week, lamented that the foreign marquee spot was being wasted by many of the clubs in the A-League. He pointed to the excitement created by David Villa in the league, but just what has been the impact and long term effect of marquees? First up, […]

For me, old soccer is still on the nose

25 Sep 2014

The Sydney-based football media has been extremely enthusiastic in promoting the Sydney FC versus Sydney United FFA Cup game, and its supposed linking of ‘old soccer’ with ‘new football’. These same journalists have generally been critical over the past several years of the apparent disconnect between these two groups, and the feeling that the past […]

Stand up for the fans, FFA

Stand up for the fans, FFA

18 Jun 2014

I have been a Brisbane Roar fan since day one and a football fan long before that. But I am sure that the following is typical for many fans and clubs in the country. I live outside Brisbane, and usually bring my family to five or six games each season, and every final at Suncorp […]

Fans just want the Socceroos to have a go

Fans just want the Socceroos to have a go

5 Jun 2014

With the final Socceroos squad announced, and the seconds to kick off dragging by, fans can start debating about what it will take for the upcoming World Cup campaign to be considered a success. People are throwing about numbers and results. For some, a respectable goal difference will be their yard stick, while others demand […]

Finally, Luton Town is back!

17 Apr 2014

At the age of 17 in 1983 I first played club football for a local under-18 team. As part of a fund raiser for the club, every player chipped in a couple of dollars towards a raffle of sorts that I never fully understood. The raffle involved randomly drawing the name of a team from […]

Don’t give the A-League grand final to Sydney

Don't give the A-League grand final to Sydney

1 Nov 2013

Various news articles in the past few days have spoken about moving the Western Sydney Wanderers versus Sydney FC derby game to ANZ stadium. Not living in Sydney, and not being a fan of either club, it is a debate I have no particular thoughts on, one way or the other. Buried away in those […]

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