Big Bash misses with crowds, but TV ratings a hit

The crowds can certainly grow if CA choose the right paths and give the fans teams that they can be 'passionate' about to support. Obviously people are interested, but I hope for the good of the game it's not just a temporary rush of blood with Warnies comeback the main motivator and that people really give the BBL of 2011-12 a proper chance.

19 Dec 2011
Joey should be immortalised in bronze

Mate Just to point out a few flaws in your argument with the whole Lockyer vs Johns argument. 1. Lockyer had a lot less injury in his career then joey and was able to take the opportunities given to him to gain such records. 2. When it came to general playing ability Andrew Johns had more vision then Darren Lockyer on a whole even though I believe Darren Lockyer was a better captain. Joey was instinctive and had the foresight, that J.T seems to show a lot when he plays. 3. Joey ultimately had more much more influence as a player over his club team then Lockyer did, as he was part of a Broncos team of the late Nineties and early 21st century with a team full of super stars in itself similar to Melbourne of 2006 (abit illegally) and beyond. 4. Statistics never tell the whole story.

19 Dec 2011
Australian cricket needs to bloody the axe

Behold I really like your thinking on this. While I wrote an article last week before Hobart defending the older guys in the team I will swallow my words and admit changes are definetly needed. In my opinon your team is very close to the revamped one I would have picked abit with afew minor changes. I still think Wade should we given ago at WC in both test and ODI as apart from being handy with the bat as you mentioned his technique is developing nicely as keeper and should be given a chance against India. Also I believe Hussey should be retained for Marsh as I think he still is the one older player who still has the goods and will deliver if retained. If he fails in the 1st test however, then Marsh should be a certain starter. My team for first test is Warner, Cowan, Watson, Clarke (c), Hussey, Khajawa, Wade, Siddle, Harris, Pattinson, Lyon

14 Dec 2011
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