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McKenzie’s resignation shows the Wallabies are still toxic

McKenzie's resignation shows the Wallabies are still toxic

20 Oct 2014

Michael Hooper grabbed his water bottle and bolted from the room. After powering through 190 words, Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie followed him. Except he wasn’t the Wallabies coach anymore. McKenzie ambled by himself down that hallway to, as he put it, “exit stage left” after an all-too-brief 66-second statement. The irony is, after a couple […]

Commonwealth Games Preview: Louis Smith

30 Jul 2014

Louis Smith describes himself on his Twitter profile as a ‘British bad ass gymnast’. That perfectly summarises the hyper-talented young man from Cambridgeshire, England. He is a larger-than-life athlete, perfectly suited to the world of social media and around-the-clock access. A cursory internet search for Louis Smith throws up a plethora of different topics in […]

The Waratahs’ trajectory and my own life

The Waratahs' trajectory and my own life

25 Jul 2014

It’s been a great year to follow the Waratahs, that much is obvious. But personally it converges with my own life in more ways than one. Every now and then – certainly not all the time, maybe not even often – your team is riding high and no matter how cold it is on a […]

Commonwealth Games Preview: Usain Bolt

Commonwealth Games Preview: Usain Bolt

25 Jul 2014

The fastest man who ever lived has put his hand up to compete in his first ever Commonwealth Games this year. Usain Bolt, the 100m and 200m world record holder has signed on to compete for Jamaica in the 4x100m relay. Bolt is literally a walking headline and one of the world’s truly transcendent sports […]

Commonwealth Games Preview: Casey Kopua

25 Jul 2014

Casey Kopua, the New Zealand women’s netball team captain, is one of the most important players in a side that will surely be there at the business end of the Commonwealth Games tournament. Kopua, 29, has been a mainstay in the Silver Ferns since her debut, and has had a distinguished career in international netball. […]

Five thoughts on the Wallabies’ series win

Five thoughts on the Wallabies' series win

24 Jun 2014

The Wallabies have won a Test series! Although there was some of the obligatory angst we supporters of the Wallabies secretly love so much, 2014 has held more highlights than lowlights for the national side. Here are my thoughts about the Test window. 1. We seem to have consolidated and are now moving forward After […]

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