Johnson finds his magic as the Mitching hour returns

Yeah, I'd argue that Smith was playing a good knock but was only on about 60 overnight. Had Johnson gone quickly and the tail fallen away, Smith wouldn't have been able to do much. Johnson's batting relieved Smith of all pressure during the partnership and let him take the back seat. Plus Smith was almost out three times in the 90s. For mine, Johnson's was the match-changing innings. Without it, things would have gone much differently. Ditto his spell with the ball.That's how I'd judge man of the match.

1 day ago
The rise and rise of the irrepressible Smith

I love having a really good player at five, someone who can variously put out fires, marshall the tail and counter-attack. I'd definitely leave him where he is - it's working beautifully so why mess with it.

12 Dec 2014
Michael Clarke’s dodgy back flares again in first Test

Which is irrelevant, Armchair, as even with that screwed back he's only missed one Test and he's made a mountain of runs.

10 Dec 2014
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