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I am a huge cricket fan from Jamaica now living in USA.

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Dale Steyn might just be the best

Dale Steyn might just be the best

26 Jun 2013

If you think about it, bowling is largely about deception. The bowler uses all the tools at his disposal to press the batsman into error. The aim is to prompt him into playing too early, too late, to misjudge the bounce or the pace, or to fail to properly adjust for the extent of the […]

Corruption in cricket: where to now?

12 Jun 2013

Whenever you watch a magician perform, or a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) match-up, or a movie, you know that what you’re seeing is scripted. You know it’s a show; a performance; an act. Sometimes you know how it ends, but even if you don’t, you are aware that the outcome is already decided. You watch […]

Andy Roberts: The Hitman, and purveyor of pain

15 Apr 2013

In the days when former international umpire Mervyn Kitchen played for Somerset County, he and teammate Graham Burgess were in the habit of doing pretend commentary while they waited to bat. On one occasion, reports Vivian Richards, then a young batsman making his way, they were in particularly fine form as they described deliveries threatening […]

Should we chastise swashbuckling batsmen when they fail?

Should we chastise swashbuckling batsmen when they fail?

12 Mar 2013

“Kanhai also, in one or two innings that he played, even in the first innings of the Oval Test, made a bad stroke and then the next ball made a worse stroke and got out to it.” “He did that quite a few times. But it is the same Kanhai who hit 77 in ninety-three […]

Mohali gives Australia their best chance of victory

10 Mar 2013

Two down, two to go. MS Dhoni and his men are undoubtedly pleased with how the first two games in the series have gone, while the Australians must be despondent. The fact that they lost the second Test by a wider margin than they did the first would be disappointing to Michael Clarke and his […]

Clarke must battle Indian spin up the order

27 Feb 2013

Australia can’t say they weren’t warned. Long before this 2013 Border/Gavaskar Test series commenced, pundits were pointing out the visitors needed to be wary of the spin threat – ‘trial by spin’ was a common refrain. The plans of the hosts were never a secret; cricket strategy – except, it could be argued, for the […]

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