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I'm a Yank who stays up Friday and Saturday nights from March through September to get my fix o'footy.

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Weekly AFL meanderings: AFLW’s sweetly surprising success

Weekly AFL meanderings: AFLW's sweetly surprising success

4 days ago

With the boys taking a week off to gather themselves for the kick-off of season 2017, let’s take a moment to examine the ladies’ work in this experimental first season of the AFLW.

Meta-predictions for AFL in 2017

Meta-predictions for AFL in 2017

4 days ago

As part of my own scoring system, I’ve been tallying every possible prediction I can find for the upcoming AFL season in two categories: player of the year and final finishing order.

Weekly AFL meanderings: How to wrap your head around the AFLW finals

Weekly AFL meanderings: How to wrap your head around the AFLW finals

14 Mar 2017

Firstly, a follow-up to my question last week: who are the ‘footy family’ member that we need to include along with Channel Nine’s apparent nomination of Kevin Sheedy as the ‘father figure of footy’?

My weekly AFL meanderings

My weekly AFL meanderings

10 Mar 2017

There are too many topics that don’t deserve an entire article but that don’t deserve to be ignored, either. So they’ve ganged together and taken a time share on Bondi Beach alongside Mr and Mrs Franklin, waiting for your attention.

The ‘once around’ schedule and its implications

The 'once around' schedule and its implications

2 Mar 2017

The scheduling fad-du-jour is the concept of a “play-everyone-once” plan with some kind of tweak.

Forecasting this year’s AFL season from following the footy

Forecasting this year's AFL season from following the footy

1 Mar 2017

Being a maths geek and an avid footy fan, I’ve kept a myriad of stats on not just Australian but also American and Canadian big-league football, as well as Division 1 college football in the US.