Mainstream media is slipping further behind the curve

You know what I hate about journalism now? And this may or may not be on topic... Quoting tweets in the article... It is like I can't be bothered actually contacting anyone involved in this story regarding this, so here is what they said on twitter... Or, I think this, and here is a heap of people on twitter who think the same, to validate my view... Honestly, journalism sucks at the moment. It is very hard to find main stream news that is honest, and not sensationlist. Even 60 minutes last night... My goodness it is bad.

3 days ago
PRICHARD: Actually Ben Barba, you are “going that bad”

Barba has looked completely disinterested since his injury, and since his future speculation last year. It looked like he just didn't want to be playing last year. His defense was terrible, and that has carried over this year. Previously he was stopping tries, but since last year, he is a turnstile, and seems as though he has no desire to put his body on the line.

6 days ago
Anabolics for 12 year olds? The search for an edge starts early

I saw some of the rugby players on their way to training from BBC in Brisbane. Some of the boys were massive. I was staggered at how big they are now at school, compared to when I finished school late last century.

6 days ago
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