Reduced ban still has cheat label: Gallen

Rock and hard place... As much as it is unbelievable, the athletes alone are responsible for taking substances. For years now, those types of excuses have not flown with anyone... German women, chinese women etc. "Oh, they told me it was OK"... It can't work like that. But then that makes it incredibly harsh, but it has to be that way. The offer of reduced sentences is an absolute joke, and cannot stand, particularly if they are backdated to time when the players in question were still playing... In what world is that acceptable as punishment.

21 hours ago
Hansen doubts Wallabies can lift further

I think the Wallabies have a long way to lift, and have had to lift that distance since about 2003. But they have not been able to lift for any concistent period, and that boils my blood. It can't be that hard for professional players to execute skills a bit better, and have better accuracy all around the park can it?

22 hours ago
SPIRO: McKenzie creates Wallaby mind-games for the All Blacks

One thing I really like about Foley is he goes into contact with purpose and pace. Beale, Cooper and Toomua to a certain extent float a bit, and often get caught by defenders when they seem in two minds... When Foley goes, he goes. I like that. No mincing around... He sees something and goes for it.

22 hours ago
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