NRL under siege over Gallen fine

I can't comment that he has or does not have Depression... but I knew we would find out about it, straight after I saw 1) his tweet, followed by his other tweet about the cheap drinks, and 2) when they issued with a "show cause" notice... I knew it was coming... It was as predictable as daylight following night.

6 hours ago
National Rugby Championship final: Brisbane City-Perth Spirit preview

The loss of Kerevi will be massive for Brisbane I imagine. Thank you Brett for your time on the NRC over the year. It has been good, as I don't have foxy to watch it all. Thanks again.

9 hours ago
SPIRO: It’s time for Wallabies to walk the talk on the field

I can't even fathom how Spiro has written some of these things... I would expect a bit more from someone who is a senior rugby writer... Spiro, you seem to have written the most terrible, inflammatory piece imaginable: "This decision leaves Cheika open – especially from wild-eyed Reds supporters (think of the claque that support Quade Cooper!) – if one of their heroes, or some of them in all probability, are not included in the front-line Wallaby Test 23." ??? As opposed to those claque who support anyone who plays rugby? Their favourite player? Do you call Beale supports wild eyed and a claque? "There were clear smoke signals coming out of the ARU that Hooper’s staunch defence of Beale did not please them. It was leaked to the rugby media, for instance, from within the ARU, that Hooper could do with some ‘counselling’ concerning his support for Beale." I would have to agree... not because he actualy supported him, but how he did it. Instead of counselling, I would suggest the whole bunch need media training. "Against the Crusaders in the final, Beale laid on the passes that created the first two tries." Watch those tries Spiro... Honestly, watch them. Beale did nothing BUT pass the ball to AAC for both tries. There was no magical creation play by Beale. No X factor for those tries... Not even in the lead up phase... so don't come on and say Beale was instrumental in setting up tries in the final... Though I guess he was on the field... And he did pass the ball to AAC both times... It is like people saying he was instrumental in the try against South Africa... Yes, if instrument means passsing the ball four times before Horne gets it... "First, Horwill was most supportive of McKenzie when the controversy over Di Patston erupted and he needs to understand that there is a new coaching regime in place with the Wallabies, one that actually supports Beale in his dispute with Di Patston." Are you trying to single out Reds players in this article to get Wild Eyed Reds Supporters up in arms Spiro? Aside from the aboslutely stupid premise of this statement, I can't think of any other reason to write it... Hey Spiro!! Horwill was dropped from the captaincy by Link wasn't he? "One that actually supports Beale in his dispute with Di Patson."??? So one who supports a person found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute? Is this that Beale Claque? No, No Spiro, that won't do. Silly inflammatory comment again. This would be one of the worst pieces I have read on the Roar, and I am sorry to say it is made worse because it has come from Spiro, a bloke who should know better. I can forgive the mad CLAQUES, but not Sprio.

10 hours ago
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