Cheika hits back at Boudjellal

That's what I mean... he popped up at the start of the year saying JOC was only 'loaned' for 6 months to include the world cup, which was 10 months away... it's all bizarre.

5 days ago
Scientific Rugbytology: The best Wallaby team for a fact!

Also defence... could drive a few planets through the holes they leave in the defensive line...

5 days ago
Can you solve the Wallabies inside backs problem?

I would have liked Graham to have the vision to play JOC at his original spot, 12, because that seems his best natural role... fast feet, good defence, good enough anyway, and good hands. Alas, vision doesn't seem Grahams strong point, and JOC had a shocking year really... all told, his stint at the Reds has made his world stocks plummet you would think.

5 days ago
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