Vale Jonah Lomu: The rugby icon of our time

Very sad news for his family. Thoughts are with them... Mike Catt can finaly sleep easy now... His nightmare has ended.

18 Nov 2015
Mitchell Johnson is gone but will never be forgotten

Sad to see him go... but his age is creeping up. Sad he was off centre for so long in the middle of his career. Why Aus never payed DK what he wanted to continue working with Aus fast bowlers I will never know, or perhaps there was more to it, we don't know... either way, at the time, I thought they were mad not throwing the kitchen sink at him to get him to coach our bowlers. It's an odd time to retire. Was he carrying an injury? I always think it's strange when players retire mid series. Why not play the last game, see the job done? But then, it is a tough decision, and I think once made, better to do it quickly.

18 Nov 2015
Eddie Jones distances himself from England coaching job

So... looking at Eddie's quote, which I presume will show up in print in the papers... what do I believe? What is that? A double negative? It's one of those puzzles...

13 Nov 2015
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