Another win but more uncertainty for the Wallabies

I guess at least the Wallabies coaching staff (or one of them at least) recongise what we all see... They are winning, but could be doing better with their play. For many years we were getting the coaches diatribe that Brett feared... at least now they recognise they aren't travelling that well, even though they won. One thing I will say, and this follows on from last year... though may be a tad harsh... Why are they having a break from camp? It is patently clear they have much to work on as a team... Least of all fitness, and a two week break would be a great time to really ramp up their training and get their stuff together... Again, maybe that is harsh to expect them to be away from family for that long, but I just think the week break now is counterproductive.

4 hours ago
When Tested, batsmen don’t dominate

Few things... I agree on all parts about bent arm bowling... Can't have it just to even things out. Bowlers just have to get better. And I still think Murali throws. He was told not to bowl his Doosra, and he kept bowling it anyway, with impunity. It was weak by governing bodies to let him do it. Next... Batsmen getting higher averages can be for a variety of reasons... The strength of test cricket isn't what it used to be. Back in teh day when the Windies were up, England were more competitive than right now, and the sub continent was not a super spinners paradise, but also pretty hostile for pace, the teams were better all 'round. Now... Teams are comparatively weak. Pakistan is weak. England is a bit hot and cold right now. New Zealand weak. Windies weak. Australia? South Africa? Basically, test cricket at the moment is a home game win for most teams against each other. The pitches play a big part. Pitches being doctored to suit home teams is terrible I think. Each ground should have characteristics. Remember when Perth wasn't as bouncy and dangerous as it should have been? It sucked. Lasly, the batsmen do have the upperhand in the limited game of 20/20, because that is what the game thinks everyone wants... big hits. 6s and 4s is what the marketer thinks non cricketing fans wants to see. Yet In America, everyone sits there for hours, and might not even see a run for hours.

1 day ago
Wallabies need a dose of consistency and commitment

Well our views of openside flankers differs somewhat. I could have sworn the openside flanker is meant to be quick to as many rucks as possible to secure ball (He/she does this either by tackling himself, or being second there, over the ball), OR, support the ball carrier. I know that is pretty simplistic view, and I wonder who else here holds that view? Anyone? I know it isn't the only role, and certainly not the only way to play as a 7, but I am of the opinion, as I stated above, that we need a 7 over the ball. I would say the last 2-3 years is the first time in ages we haven't had one whose primary strength was over the ball or support. I can't say Hooper is a super strong support runner either. He makes breaks himself, no doubt, but I can only recall one try last year, I think on the Nov tour where he took a last pass for a try. I recognise that he scored two tries, which is certainly a stronger addition to the benefit of the team that those who did not score those tries, but I just wish he was stronger over the ball. Hell, I wish our whole team was stronger over the ball.

1 day ago
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