The art of tackling according to Pieter Labuschagne

Good write up. There is something about good tacklers... Their reputation never quite reaches the same heights as super attacking players, but I like those style of players... a lot.

3 days ago
Time rugby cut the amateur game loose

All well and good for Matt Bourke to sprout that line now about pushing money back to development... His team just won a super title with the help of a pretty good League player NSW were helped to sign through ARU funds. While I used to be a fan of Bourkes, he lost me last year over comments he made about the Beale Saga and McKenzies coaching. I feel that like Phil Waugh, he was plumping for a change for some reason... Enough of that now... Moving on... Saying that, I agree with the premise. I am sick to death of short, quick fixes that cost millions. Don't buy Inglis in 2017! If it was going to happen, it should have been done three years ago when he was young and available. To chase him in 2017 when he will be close to 30 is stupid and a waste of money.

4 days ago
Super Rugby player ratings – Round 2

I should say, thanks for your work PeterK.

4 days ago
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