Odd man out: Who would you cut from your own team?

Wallabies Carter... Terrible height in contact, soft in contact... I personally blame him for the Bledisloe break out from the All Blacks last year... twice he lost possession in contact, and th second one resulted in a 70 metre break out try... I just can't stomach soft second rowers who really dont offer anything over their contemporaries... Beale... I have not much positive... again, given the chances he has had, it is like I want to hold on for him to do something great... maybe next game... maybe next game... The negatives in his game really do outweigh the positives for me... Pains me to say... Hooper... Pocock is all over this bloke doing what a 7 should do. Hooper is a good footballer, but not a good 7. There... Lamblast me. Reds Graham ... Do coaches count? Shocking winning record that offers no insight into how he keeps his job. Schatz... just has no impact. I want to like him, but he just offers nothing extra to the Reds... A Finger... I want to like him, but he is a black hole with the ball... and keeps getting played at 12, which isn't his fault, but when playing him and Taps, I don't understand why our current coach plays the reverse to the winning combo we had...

22 May 2015
Referees are rubbish and it’s all your fault

I personally pray we don't end up like another code that rhymes with "Beague" and is merciless in its ref bashing. Truth is fans have always bashed refs across all codes but jeez I would hate for the ref bashing in rugby to end up at "Beague" levels. I would also hate for Refs power to be eroded like it has in "Beague" or even lower... "Boccer" where players openly visually threaten the Refs at times... This is not a code bash, but Refs need protecting, and I don't think they are as bad as we all think. I dread the higher intrusion of TMOs throughout the game. I find it yucky when penalties are given for an instance several plays ago, and beamed across the big screen at the will of the home ground, and then acted upon.

19 May 2015
No more excuses for Graham and the Reds

Good article. Should never have been hired. Pretty ordinary record before the Reds, worse record now at the Reds, and has never shown he can improve any team he is in charge of. What have the Reds Management seen that makes them think Graham can improve the team from here?

14 May 2015
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