Wallaby praises Patston as mother figure

Well said Sportym. It's interesting to note that in the 2 most recent instances of player power that have caught my attention, one name is associated with both. Coincidence? Possibly. Senior players are always going to be at the forefront of this kind of event, but it doesn't add to his off field reputation in a positive manner.

15 Oct 2014
SPIRO: Anatomy of the Beale-ARU crisis: Heads must roll

Good point Yogi, but I think the reaction to Hooper is because of his subsequent defence of Beale. The big question over the initial reconciliation/apology is who were the other players involved, they also have a questions to answer.

13 Oct 2014
The anatomy of a 12-tonne ocean racer

More than likely Beaujolais! I've done it a few times, and the worst part is not the "ick" factor, but knowing that if the yacht tacks, you have to get up and move to the bunks on the opposite side of the boat......many skippers insist on keeping maximum weight on the high or windward side, even the sleeping crew members!

11 Oct 2014
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