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After taking 259 wickets in 71 Tests to become Australia's sixth-highest wicket-taker, Jason Gillespie has remained involved in cricket, and is the current coach of Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

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How Australia dismantled the world’s best

How Australia dismantled the world's best

10 Mar 2014

The Roar has thrown up some fantastic articles dissecting the Test series some good debates in the comments, but I would like to throw in my thoughts on where I think Australia trumped South Africa. Australian opener David Warner’s 543 runs at 90.5 including three centuries is a fantastic return, but what interests me is […]

DIZZY: South Africa show the importance of pressure

DIZZY: South Africa show the importance of pressure

26 Feb 2014

What a fantastic advertisement for Test cricket. The second Test in Port Elizabeth did not disappoint – well, unless you are an Aussie fan! I genuinely believed Australia could do something special in the fourth innings to win the game, especially while David Warner and Chris Rogers were motoring along with a century stand. But […]

DIZZY: Australia’s dominance is really no surprise

DIZZY: Australia's dominance is really no surprise

18 Feb 2014

I was interviewed recently by a journalist of an Australian national newspaper. He spoke to me about this series versus South Africa being a massive test for this Australian side. Was the series against England a ‘flash in the pan?’ How is the Australian batting order going to survive Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and Vernon […]

DIZZY: Ruthless Australia dispose of England

DIZZY: Ruthless Australia dispose of England

6 Jan 2014

England were completely pummelled into submission this series. There was no let up. The statistics are there for all to see. Australia batted better, bowled better and fielded better. England are embarrassed. They got the shock of their lives at the Gabba with Mitchell Johnson’s hostility and the brutality of the press and crowds. They […]

DIZZY: Reflections on Australia’s win in the fourth Test at the MCG

DIZZY: Reflections on Australia's win in the fourth Test at the MCG

2 Jan 2014

Australia’s ruthless streak continued at the MCG. They are a settled, relaxed and committed side, which is in direct contrast to England who are indecisive, robotic and shellshocked. England are as bad as Australia have been good. It has become increasingly clear that England were not expecting the levels of aggression and ill-feeling from their […]

DIZZY: After an Ashes annihilation, big questions remain for England

DIZZY: After an Ashes annihilation, big questions remain for England

23 Dec 2013

The Ashes have been won. A fantastic achievement by the Australian Cricket team. They have out-thought, out-planned and out-played England. It has been somewhat of a surprise how poor England have been. They are a better side than they have shown this tour however they have some important decisions to make moving forward, particularly regarding […]

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