Is Tinkler’s time almost up?

Ah Ray you're a tad misguided. There are plenty of good stories in rugby league - see Will Hopoate or recent stories I have done on Pat Richards and the form of the Dragons. But should we just ignore negative ones because we don't like them? It's not just about having a crack, it's about alienating the local community and not paying your bills on time. And potentially leaving things worse than you found them. Um, and it's the Jets he also owns, not that Mariners. They're based on the Central Coast. Cheers

24 Mar 2014
Asian opportunities are filling Australia’s coaching void

Thanks guys. Yes Papas signed Colosimo at Dempo. Merrick was in Hong Kong until he went to the Phoenix.

22 Mar 2014
Captain Mile the right man for Socceroos

Granted I wrote this before the Ecuador game, but I thought he did have a good first 45. The second 45, well...

6 Mar 2014
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