Football’s future still murky despite epic 2013

@Fussball ist unser leben I never got the stats from a copy, someone I know involved with junior development told me this recently. I don't doubt for a minute that football is not the only one that has a drop off, my point was if it can be addressed football will grow to become the number one game in the country.

13 Nov 2013
Deja Vu? St Kilda has another Malcolm Blight moment

Obviously they are not cut of the same cloth as players and coaches, with Malcolm being a legend of the game and Scott Watters being a battler. I think I made that clear mastermind. It similar because of the manner they were sacked in and the position St Kilda as a club were in. No comparisson of their pedigree as there is a huge gap

3 Nov 2013
Cricket Australia’s consol-’A'-tion prize for the second XI?

Where is the announcement of Channel Nine's coverage?

20 Jun 2013
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