Hunt deal topped up by ARU

Hunt could have been had for the same money four years younger but JON refused to top up the Waratahs.

3 days ago
Hunt and O’Connor could be the Reds’ perfect match

Mckenzie will be in seventh heaven with all the backs he has at JOC on top of he mass of back line talent he has already.

4 days ago
Big questions continue in the Rugby Championship

Sheek while it has been the case that resources have been thin on the ground for many years, I'm not convinced that this is still the case. Playing resources have been creeping up in quality recently and now I believe a very good team could be formed. I don't consider that it is a 'massive challenge'. While I agree with you that the fundamental structures of rugby are still flawed, I don't think this can be used to defend a team not playing to its potential as seems to be the case.

5 days ago
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