SPIRO: Farewell Jonah Lomu, forever young

Easily the best rugby player ever and the game's only true superstar. No one has ever dominated matches like him and no one has been anything like the box-office thrill that drew people who had nothing to do with rugby to go and watch. No one could win matches single-handedly like him. The Pele or Bradman of rugby. A magnanimous figure off the field too: when asked about the 1995 final he spoke about how wonderful it was to be part of this nation defining moment, not about the All Blacks' loss. To some extent he defines rugby union as no player has had anything like the mythic status in the non-rugby world and he really created the image of the modern sport. Also, on a different note, he is the ultimate representative of the incredible Pacific island talent for Rugby and sport in general. Another side note is that he was a total sportsman: because of his unique combination of giant size and extraordinary pace, his extraordinary ability to step and pass are forgotten. A look at one of those semi-final tries against England will see him simply stepping past one of the defenders, and elsewhere there are remarkable passes out of the tackle. A sportsman blessed with every gift. People like him aren't supposed to die, but he'll live on as a divinely talented human being and perfect gentleman for as long as sport played.

19 Nov 2015
Jonah Lomu dies, age 40

The greatest rugby player ever: the Pele or Bradman of rugby, and a gentleman off the field. The most famous and dazzling player and the definition of the sport of rugby.

18 Nov 2015
SPIRO: Drop the Giteau Rule for the 2016 Grand Slam Wallabies tour

Beaumont might think otherwise. He could do what he wished.

16 Nov 2015
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