Pulver wants to “lead Australian rugby forward”

As bad as this is the failure to advance the footprint of Australian rugby in any structural way.

10 hours ago
“He’s had a lot of chances” – Pulver says Beale’s on his final warning

And which chance is Pulver on?

10 hours ago
Dissecting the inaugural National Rugby Championship (part I)

sheek this isn't exactly my point. Firstly, I never argued that someone should change their views simply because they don't agree with standard opinion. Quite the opposite. You should continue to proclaim your ideal model from the rooftops. So here I am not questioning your model for rugby. What I am questioning is the absence of a realistic idea of how to implement it. I think you conflate the model with its mode of implementation. Simply because the model is revolutionary, it doesn't mean its implementation need be. 'I can’t change the status quo. but that doesn’t mean I have to like it or accept it.' That's fine. But I suggest thinking of a realistic way of changing the status quo into something you like rather than hoping it drops off a tree.

2 days ago
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