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Give Deans a one-year contract for the World Cup

Give Deans a one-year contract for the World Cup

11 Oct 2014

In light of the fiasco playing out in the Wallaby management and squad this week and the general decline of the team, the question has to be asked: if another coach were in charge from now until the World Cup, would the team’s chances of winning be greater? The answer would seem to be yes. […]

IRB must care for the concussed

IRB must care for the concussed

29 May 2013

The recent concerns expressed over the practice of players being allowed to continue playing after concussions have brought light to an issue far too long overlooked, which will take more and more prominence in professional rugby. As players become stronger and heavier, collisions larger both in training and matches, the risk to players of long-term […]

Open letter to ARU CEO Bill Pulver (pt two): nationalise Super Rugby

21 May 2013

The second chapter of this somewhat slow-burning series has arrived, and with an apparently meagre theme, hardly justifying large-scale treatment. But while the subject might seem a triviality, it is a dainty alteration to the body of Super rugby that nonetheless aims to effect a strikingly transformative impression. A leitmotif of this series has been […]

An open letter to ARU CEO Bill Pulver part one: a lesson from Scotland

An open letter to ARU CEO Bill Pulver part one: a lesson from Scotland

4 Feb 2013

This is the first in a series of articles addressing the fundamental issues the new head of the ARU, Bill Pulver, must face with ideas on how to tackle them successfully. The opening subject for treatment is how to expand the game internally on a limited, or rather minimal, budget. Mr Pulver declared in his […]

Why are so many Wallabies injured?

Why are so many Wallabies injured?

1 Oct 2012

The starting Wallabies XV for the most recent South African Test match was the following: Robinson, Polota-Nau, Alexander, Sharpe, Douglas, Dennis, Hooper, Samo, Phipps, Beale, Ioane, Mccabe, Ashley-Cooper, Shipperley, Barnes The first proposition of this article is that the team named would be beaten by the following: Kepu, Moore, Palmer, Horwill, Timani, Higginbotham, Pocock, Palu, […]

A Gold Coast Super Rugby team?

5 Jul 2012

Since the impressive appearance of Ewen McKenzie in Queensland, the Reds have emerged as the most successful sporting team in the state by playing highly entertaining rugby, winning a Super title and luring in record crowds and income. Less noticed perhaps, though no less significant, is the work McKenzie has done in locating and developing […]

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