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Rugby league experts let me down

28 Sep 2014

It’s nice to wake up this morning knowing that the South Sydney Rabbitohs are headed to the grand final, but upon reflecting I have a few thoughts on the game. Firstly, there were a shade above 50,000 people at ANZ Stadium on Friday night but it looked to me like 45,000 of them were Souths […]

The hypocrisy of violence in rugby league

17 Sep 2012

Fellow Roarers, I have an issue I would like to hear your thoughts on. Does violence have a place in rugby league? Before you all roll your eyes at me, just take a minute okay? I have a legitimate concern here and I’ll tell you why. I coach rugby league at a schoolboy and junior […]

Why Blues fans should feel sorry for Queenslanders

3 Jul 2012

Conventional wisdom suggests it is Queenslanders who should feel sorry for New South Welsh-folk leading into this week’s Origin decider. After all Queensland are looking down the barrel of an obscene seventh straight win. Should they lose they can still rest assured knowing that their record of six straight wins is twice as many as […]

Can the Kiwis ever match the Kangaroos?

Can the Kiwis ever match the Kangaroos?

19 Apr 2012

This week’s trans-Tasman test throws up the same question as this time every year, as we wait for the Kiwis to get soundly belted by a solid Australian side. Every year the media play the game of pretending that the outcome isn’t 90 percent expected. Every year the newspapers are full of articles about how […]

NSW, time to embrace our Origin failure

13 Apr 2012

Over the past six years the humiliation of the New South Wales Blues in the State of Origin has been the best thing that could have happened to Origin football and indeed the whole rugby league world. I’m not saying this as a parochial Queenslander, who is happy to see New South Wales get smashed […]

The champ is here! But are we ashamed of Muhammad Ali?

The champ is here! But are we ashamed of Muhammad Ali?

12 Apr 2012

It was with mounting annoyance that I read a Fox Sports article about Muhammad Ali and his “sickening appearance” at a Marlins game the other day. Fox Sports journalist Robert Craddock described the scene as “quite sickening”. “The Kentucky-born superstar with the lightning-fast hands – and even faster tongue – is barely a shell of […]

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