How can the AFL allow Jobe to play tonight?

At this point in time, the AFL are really only in a position to act on what Watson has said on On The Couch. They could try to hit him with bringing the game into disrepute with his comments, but an admission on a Foxtel program can not really be considered akin to a "positive" test or admission under oath. That penalty will have to wait.

27 Jun 2013
Pressure on Osieck to show more than mentality and physicality

Neill has too much stroke in Australian football. At this point of his career, he's a cap collector, pure and simple. Blind Freddy could tell you he (as captain!!!) should've stood himself aside for that Romania friendly to let the next WCQ pair get some precious matchtime together. Holger failed that test.

4 Jun 2013
Ognenovski keen to make most of call-up

Ogre has to be in the XI, he's fit, he's hungry, and is a monster on the pitch. Why do all the 'Roos feel the need to talk up Lucas Neill? The guy is well past it, and commands a spot in the squad soley on some mythical reputation. Time for decisive action from Holger. Give the armband to Schwarzer on a permanent basis and tell Neill to get a club and some legitimate good form before putting his hand up again.

3 Jun 2013
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