The big questions this season, Part Two

You should post that as an article on the site, Al. Very comprehensive. Well-made point, Tom, but do you really think four is not enough to have in reserve? If we keep adding to the bench, where will it stop?

12 Mar 2010
Forget the criticism, AFL’s drug testing not a soft hand

Jimbo, I put this article up to inform people about the basics of the policy. It's my view that it is sound, and not much more can be done at this stage. The sport will never be fully clean - it's a reality. Thanks for the tips, Mr Real Australian it's called Football Man formerly known as Kurt . You are definitely correct with both points you make. It's much appreciated. There are plenty of misconceptions about this policy, and a few comments prove that they still exist.

15 Feb 2010
AFL to finally rid the game of stagers

ItsCalledFootball, don't get on here and claim I have copied an article when I haven't. The example you have put up is nothing like what I have written, which proves you can't read yourself. I write for a number of different publications and I know the importance of copyright rules. But thanks for your concern.

3 Feb 2010
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