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Greatest match? Australia v Great Britain, 2nd Test, 1990- Meninga scoring in the last minute to keep hope alive of winning the series.

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NRL flies the white flag on wrestling

NRL flies the white flag on wrestling

3 Sep 2014

It’s a been a while since I’ve penned an article on The Roar. I’m actually writing this from an NRL bunker, as I recently escaped from prison. What possessed me to escape, you ask? Well, they wouldn’t give me writing material in the clink and having just read NRL head of football Todd Greenberg’s comments […]

Tedesco loss is the Tigers fault

Tedesco loss is the Tigers fault

30 May 2014

Yes, it’s a punch to the stomach. James Tedesco has left the Wests Tigers for the Canberra Raiders. James Tedesco showed the kind of brilliance earlier in the season to suggest that, injuries notwithstanding, he was ready to become the one of the game’s next great fullbacks. He seemed like the kind of player to […]

Impressions from the Anzac Test

Impressions from the Anzac Test

4 May 2014

Shaun Johnson, meet Jarrod Mullen. Both these men live in the second tier of halves in the NRL behind the elite: Cooper Cronk, Johnathan Thurston, Daly Cherry-Evans and Kieran Foran. Mitchell Pearce is somewhere in between. If I have to hear another learned commentator pimp out Mullen for the NSW five-eighth spot I’m going to […]

Why are John Cartwright’s Titans so inept?

Why are John Cartwright's Titans so inept?

26 Aug 2013

This headline isn’t just because I tipped the Titans and therefore fell further behind in my tipping comp. The Warriors deserved their win. They looked more likely throughout – which brings me to the main point of all this. There’s less than two minutes left on the clock, the Warriors leading 24-22 and New Zealand […]

Goodbye Wests Tigers, hello West Coast Tigers?

Goodbye Wests Tigers, hello West Coast Tigers?

22 Aug 2013

2013 has seen a gigantic influx of resources flooding rugby league, which demand proactivity and clarity from our new administrators. We need no more than seven teams in Sydney to begin with, allowing for Perth and another Brisbane team to enter in 2018. The easy way to solve this is by asking which teams have […]

Wrestle in the tackle is NRL’s biggest issue

Wrestle in the tackle is NRL's biggest issue

26 Jul 2013

I’ve been upset the past few weeks. I really thought Dave Smith and the ARL Commission’s goal of 20,000 average attendance within five years was achievable. That was at the start of the season. That was before I realised that fixed scheduling is a disaster. We need the best games at the best venues at […]

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