Boomers’ loss to Angola: ‘Tournament strategy’ or ‘un-Australian’?

In light of his rant, I'd be interested to hear Goran Dragic explain why he only played five minutes in a dead-rubber game against Finland at Eurobasket last year? I've nothing against resting your starters for your fifth game in six nights. IF you're advancement to the next round is locked in, which it was for the Boomers, that's sensible coaching. Why continue tire them out before a game with genuine implications in the next round? Why risk injury? Why not take the opportunity to give the reserves like Goulding serious game time and get their confidence up before the knockout games? This all makes a heck of a lot of sense. The Slovenians even appeared to do it themselves last year! Of course, you can then point to some suspect defending to make the case for tanking, but any tanking accusation that relies on the players actually not trying usually has a pretty weak leg to stand on. I wouldn't buy it unless evidence of it came out from the playing camp itself.

5 Sep 2014
I know a secret…the Boomers are playing in the World Cup next month

Plainsman, I can offer a little bit of relief to your search. Basketball Australia's YouTube channel has actually been doing some really good behind-the-scenes stuff:

14 Aug 2014
The Waratahs’ trajectory and my own life

Great stuff Elisha! All the best with the new job.

25 Jul 2014
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