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Michael is a presenter/producer of ABC Grandstand's national F1 programme Box of Neutrals, but his most significant claim to fame came during the 2013 Australian Grand Prix when he angered the French contingent of the paddock by accidentally opening an umbrella indoors. He's also done some other things, none of which are particularly interesting. You can find him every Friday at 10:30AM (AET) on ABC Grandstand, or talking largely to himself at any time on Twitter: @MichaelLamonato.

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Is Red Bull Racing ready for a works engine?

Is Red Bull Racing ready for a works engine?

5 days ago

What should have been a win-win scenario for Red Bull and Honda has turned desperately bittersweet after a series of escalating team and engine announcements at the Singapore Grand Prix.

McLaren’s multimillion-dollar gamble

McLaren's multimillion-dollar gamble

15 Sep 2017

“You have no chance of winning the world championship if you are not receiving the best engines from whoever is manufacturing your engines,” Ron Dennis said in 2014 on the eve of his team’s partnership with Honda.

Formula One isn’t Formula One without a touch of dysfunction

Formula One isn't Formula One without a touch of dysfunction

12 Sep 2017

Of all the things forecast for the 2017 season, rock-solid stability did not rank among them.

Three reasons Monza wasn’t quite as bad as it looked

Three reasons Monza wasn't quite as bad as it looked

5 Sep 2017

“Firstly, Mercedes power is definitely better than Ferrari power,” an overjoyed Lewis Hamilton gleefully told the throngs of Ferrari faithful beneath the Italian Grand Prix podium.

It’s time Mercedes backed Hamilton’s title tilt

It's time Mercedes backed Hamilton's title tilt

1 Sep 2017

When once Valtteri Bottas was the in-form man of the season and determined to insert himself into championship permutations, today his presence in the title race hangs by a thread.

Combating Force India’s growing pains

Combating Force India's growing pains

28 Aug 2017

Neither tyres strategy nor possession of the fastest car decided the Belgian Grand Prix; rather, Force India’s Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon dictated the race’s classification.