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Sports journo. Aussie. Vic turned NSWman.

Columnist at The Daily Telegraph, The Roar and MVP Genius.

Podcaster at 'Beyond the Arc' NBA podcast (not yet live).

Admin at Facebook pages Rugby Banter Page, NRL Gold and Pure NRL.

I write about AFL, union, league, basketball, tennis, cricket, football, boxing, motor racing and UFC.

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Floyd Mayweather is fighting a losing battle against Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather is fighting a losing battle against Manny Pacquiao

24 Feb 2015

Floyd Mayweather cannot beat Manny Pacquiao. He can win the boxing match, everyone knows that. In fact he’s early favourite with the bookies, and fairly so. However when it comes to winning in this situation, this step will be a bridge too far for Floyd. To explain, I will explore both situations – Mayweather losing […]

Superstars are made, not drafted

Superstars are made, not drafted

23 Feb 2015

In most American sports, as well as our very own AFL, a lot is made of the annual draft. Each year, the best young prospects in their respective sport enter their names in the draft in hope to be picked up by a professional team. This night is heavily scrutinised by pundits such as the […]

NRL not playing with all the balls

8 Jan 2015

It is often said that the Australian sports do not learn from each other enough, and the usual suspects brought up are the NRL and AFL. While generally neither code steals from the another, mainly for reasons of pride, it is time the NRL take full advantage of what is so far a gaping missed […]

The Big Bash League is on the ascendency sooner than we thought

6 Jan 2015

The Big Bash League has surprised both cricket and non-cricket fans alike. In just a few short seasons, it has moved from the back of the Australian sporting landscape – a mere obligatory cricket competition – to the forefront of the Aussie sporting conscience. Last year it capitalised from a mightily successful Ashes series by […]

Who will Jesus Shuttlesworth come to save?

Who will Jesus Shuttlesworth come to save?

3 Jan 2015

It is yet to be determined whether or not Ray Allen will return to the NBA at all, with reports suggesting the 19-year veteran is considering retirement. However, if Allen does decide to return, whichever team he joins could completely change the face of the championship race. It’s certain that if Allen does return, it […]

The Brooklyn Nets' self-destruct plan

19 Dec 2014

Less than a season and a half after the Brooklyn Nets gambled the future of the entire franchise on winning the championship within the next few years, it seems as if those lofty ambitions have already gone down the drain. Reports out of Brooklyn are that management would be open to trading any of its […]

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