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League fans taking their team for granted

League fans taking their team for granted

17 Apr 2014

Judging by the poor crowds and empty stadiums it seems NRL fans have taken the privilege of having a team to support for granted. The embarrassing Campbelltown crowd from last weekend is a prime example of taking a team for granted. The Wests Tigers are in West Sydney ‘heartland’ and have been quite successful this […]

Despite new money, NRL fails to stem the flow

Despite new money, NRL fails to stem the flow

7 Feb 2014

With the news of Sam Burgess heading over to union, it appears that NRL headquarters once again let another one go without a fight. It seems rugby can poach league players at will, yet the NRL is defenceless and continually fails to react to this situation. In spite of the $1 billion dollar TV deal […]

Cowboys should focus on future, not past

Cowboys should focus on future, not past

17 Sep 2013

Another finals series, and another heartbreaking loss to the North Queensland Cowboys once again. Despite the circumstances surrounding the loss, it’s safe to say the Cowboys underperformed overall in 2013. A late season run to the finals saved face from a embarrassing season after so much hype and expectations. Now it’s back to reality and […]

If NRL fans don't show up to finals, what will they show up to?

15 Sep 2013

21,609 was the attendance figure between reigning premiers Melbourne Storm and the South Sydney Rabbioths. The ‘Pride of the League’ always boast about how many members they have and when ‘Souths is going well, league is going well’ apparently that isn’t the case with crowd numbers being down this year. After years of not qualifying […]

Cowboys back in the saddle

25 Aug 2013

Four straight wins for the Cowboys and the boys from the north are back in the hunt for the finals. The chance for finals football seemed long gone after a heart-breaking loss to the Broncos at home which should have been the death knell of the season. Fortunately, through the combination of results going their […]

Rugby league: the dinosaur mentality must go

21 Jun 2013

Rugby league, from all areas, must embrace the 21st century and get with the times for once as for far too long it’s been the code that has always been behind in every KPI. This includes attendance, membership, participation, TV ratings, player welfare, officiating, ideals, culture and professionalism. Despite being the ‘professional’ of the two […]

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