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Watson should be dropped for the Fifth Test

Watson should be dropped for the Fifth Test

21 Aug 2013

The fifth Test starts tomorrow. It is Australia’s last chance to salvage something better than a draw in this series. Surely, the 3-0 score may flatter England a little bit at the moment, considering they got out of gaol in the third Test, and just got over the line in the first, but there is […]

James Sutherland: you're out

25 Jun 2013

James Sutherland should resign. The sacking of Mickey Arthur should be, to paraphrase Michael Clarke, the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I’m not saying that Arthur should still be coach. He shouldn’t be. But you have to ask why this has happened. Who is responsible for another debacle? Sutherland has to be held accountable […]

Idiots: the pineapple cruiser duo strike again

Idiots: the pineapple cruiser duo strike again

18 Jun 2013

Blake Ferguson and Josh Dugan are idiots. Complete idiots. Who told them that “yes, you two should definitely reunite again on the town on a Sunday night, nothing possibly would go wrong”? What on earth were they thinking? There is no question that Ferguson is going to deserve any punishment that the NRL give out […]

Melbourne Demons club hole threatens China

Melbourne Demons club hole threatens China

27 May 2013

You have to really applaud Melbourne. It takes a special type of ineptitude to make sure that a team so so rubbish can fill more column space than teams at the top of the ladder. It was no surprise that Melbourne would lose to Fremantle. Statistics, logic, instinct and your gut just knew it would […]

GWS Giants testing the patience of fans

GWS Giants testing the patience of fans

14 May 2013

Another week, another loss. And this time it was a big one. Whoever said that GWS were not going to suffer the big losses of last year were wrong. It’s just that GWS haven’t really played the big boys of the competition yet until the past two weeks. Yes, they really scared Essendon for a […]

AFL needs to stamp out thuggery

7 May 2013

Before I start out…I do not support Collingwood and I don’t hate St Kilda. Justin Koschitzke should be banned for two months. There it is, out in the open. He should be made an example of, and be the ground zero for the AFL stamping out thuggery in the great game. I’m not saying that […]

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