Carter to become rugby’s first two-million-dollar man

Seems Lorenzetti, Racing's president, had been in touch with carter for the last 4 years and had met him on quite a few occasions. Also read that Casey Laulala played a big part as he is a good mate of DC and currently plays for RM. Lorenzetti also said that 'although DC will be the best paid of his players he will also be the least expensive one" (taking into account the money RM is expecting to make via DC). Sincerely hope all goes well but have to say I have my doubts. No player is worth that much imo (read 1.1M euro, i.e around aud 1.6M), also not sure its a great feeling for Sexton, Phillips, Roberts, Tales, Swarzewski etc to know they are worth much much less than an ageing rugby star. How about the young French players at the club? Hope this works and DC delivers the same way Wilko did at Toulon. PS: apparently he had a 1.8M euro/year offer from japan.

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Why the Premier League is the best league in the world

reinforces what you say melb

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Dan Carter set for move to France after World Cup

If he isn't injured like he was at Perpignan I think Lorenzetti will try to use him a fair bit: half regular seasons games, all finals provided racing qualifies, and probably as many heineken cup games as possible. Would say 25 games/season if all goes well. Unlike the saffas who are still eligible for the boks, DC wont be selected by Hansen and will be available in November and Feb/March when all internationals play with their selection in the eoy tour and 6N. Hope its a success story and he proves like Wilko, Botha and many more before him (not Jerry Collins) that he is a true pro and give it all to his new club. I don't think DC is a mercenary but its up to him to show that.

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