The harder the Wallabies work, the luckier they get

Great piece Andrew, I particularly liked your call on McMahon and Steffon Armitage. Dunno if its the right time, or the right place, to talk about England's selection policy but I do think that not picking Steffon Armitage and Nick Abendanon may have hurt England's chances of making the cut. The 'players based on home soil only' policy has its adepts and its merits, no question (am against it though). Thing is if you want to have a strong philosophical stance why pick a leaguie who openly said he was targeting the rwc only about a year ago when he switched codes and who may now go back to league? Imo, the fewer rules, the better. Then its up to the coach to pick the players he wants. Doesn't mean he can't favour players who have been loyal to their domestic comp. But if you start having strict eligibility rules then imo you must impose tougher ethical rules on yourself in other areas (re foreigners or other codes converts for exmaple).

5 days ago
A blue cloud on the horizon for the All Blacks machine

Did you honestly think I meant baseball and NFL as sports which are more global than rugby, seriously? You have to be a bit more perspicacious in life mate.

6 days ago
The defence of the innocent: An unofficial transcript of the Michael Hooper hearing.

Such a great piece harry! Good to see rwc's uncompromising harshness hasn't changed your sense of humour. Hope hooper reads it one day. Plus you seem to know a lot about Sydney's north shore and its ghetto like lifestyle, sort of...

6 days ago
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