Fledgling All Blacks to play USA

Really hope the Eagles are competitive and put on a good show. This could really put rugby in the news in the US and if only 5% of the students who excel in athletics, gridiron, basket etc watch this game its possible a few of them might be tempted by a switch to rugby if they don't make the cut in their sport. Cant wait for the haka, how the crowd reacts etc and hope the yanks don't watch the AB play.

1 day ago
Irony not lost as AFL begs western Sydney football fans for a leg-up

"watch your second division fold because like the EPL no one will go to watch it" Axle, the championship, England's 2nd div, averages 17,000 per game. Not bad for a comp that 'no one watches'.

2 days ago
The curious case of Real Madrid

I think Karim Benzema deserves a special mention too Zuben. He has contributed to Real's good start of the season not only as a goal scorer but a passer and defender too. Imo Higuain's departure 12-15 months ago has benefited him. Plus he complements Bale and Ronaldo. Best attacking trio in world football imo at the moment.

2 days ago
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