SPIRO: GPS rugby has to merge into a Sydney-wide tournament

that's a good question bakkies but I have no idea. Based on my personal experience and observation, many people I know played rugby from a young age till adulthood and well into their 30s for some. amateur club rugby in france is such a strong family that its hard to stop when you start getting involved. I don't remember seeing a drop off at any particular age, would say its more gradual I guess.

9 hours ago
Stat’s enough! A Super tale of a Super season

Nice one Harry! Re your comment about Savea and maybe other kiwis dropping more balls, maybe the fact games played in NZ are more likely to be in wet conditions doesnt help? To be frank I dont have stats and its pure speculation but this could help explain (considering its a given that kiwis do not have worse hands than aussies and saffas).

10 hours ago
2014 Super Rugby final: Crusaders will spoil the party

Sounds more appetizing than overpriced cold meat pie and chips at cold anz riccardo but I guess we have no other option but to go to the stadium as we may not host a SR final for quite a while. Bon appetit!

10 hours ago
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