Duane Vermeulen can hold his own with the best

Yes same here, legend of the game. I saw a great photo with him, bakkies and danie rossouw at toulon last year, 350kgs of pure saffa strength. As an aside whata recovery he and wilko have had at Toulon! They got there semi retired, injured etc and completely revived their career in the south of france.

8 hours ago
National Rugby Championship: Round 1 preview

Nice one Brett. I hope must grounds stay fairly dry over the weekend as it could mean the difference between good and not so great crowds.

12 hours ago
Wanderers topple Guangzhou 1-0 in ACL

Agree Punter, Lippi and his players got outsmarted and 'outcunned' by Popovic, the wanderers staff and the players. Lippi and most Italian teams were the masters at befriending refs before European cups matches in the 80s and 90s. I remember Bernard Tapie (then Marseille president) saying from now on he, his staff and players would play the game the same way, i.e. be very friendly and welcoming with refs on home soil, send a few gifts etc. Last night, it looks like the refs may have given a couple of 50/50 decisions (the 2 reds) to the home team and perhaps being welcomed (by Arabic speaking WSW staff?) did help. I don't condone this and thought Saba in particular ( for his first match!) was too fired up and could have cost his team with another ref, but Lippi being one of the instigators of such behaviour on the pitch, I do not feel sorry for him and his team. Cant wait for the return leg!

17 hours ago
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