Stand back and appreciate the EPL revolution

Few mistakes in this article: no, Ranieri didn't "pick Mahrez up from League two in France for a mere $400,000". Mahrez moved to Leicester in Jan 2014 under Nigel Pearson. Ranieri joined the club 18 months later. Fee was about 450,000 euros. I think all clubs 'gamble' to some extent when they sign new players and in Leicester case all if not most new signees (including Ranieri) had the season of their life at the same time. Plus they had no major injuries and the same 13-15 guys played all season. Don't think its going to revolutionise things though and big clubs will always buy proven players over newbies. That's what Leicester would do too if they had unlimited funds. However for us fans and especially Leicester supporters its been a season we will never forget.

4 days ago
Chiefs grind out tough win over Sharks

Are you being serious ben? You would never support an organisation, individual etc who occasionally 'take advantage' of rules in place which may be ethically flawed? Are you a hermit (with access to internet that is)? Re last night's game I felt sharks defensive effort was amazing and they took full advantage of ref's leniency at the breakdown (felt they slowed the game at pretty much every ruck). I think it was very valuable for mckenzie to see what awaits him at international level: tighter, better defences. No matter how skilled and fast you are strong defenders are going to ask a few questions.

6 days ago
Semi Radradra being picked for Australia is an international rugby league tragedy

Good article scott, same here it saddened me to see semi's name. On matty johns radio show i heard semi would probably be on 30k a test playing for oz, say 4-5 tests per year, while he would get a couple hundred bucks for Fiji and play once or twice a year. That's a 150k difference, less travel and a strong chance of winning titles. Hard to say no. As others have said league isnt the only sport like this and basically all sports where you have a big imbalance between rich and poor countries are likely to experience it. But to be fair with semi and other islanders, nz and oz themselves have made a mockery of the international game for years: how many kiwis have played for oz and vice versa in league or union? Hard to expect islanders to stick to their nation of birth when aussie and kiwi themselves play for the neighbours. Some like brad thorn even manage to pkay for both countries in 2 different sports. So its not a league only issue but a more global one unfortunately. So t

27 Apr 2016
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