Highlights: Holly Holm KOs Ronda Rousey at UFC 193

she should have touched Holly's gloves before the fight. what a fight that was

15 Nov 2015
Union Saffa watches league to survive the off-season

Good on you for trying something else harry. And if league is played in SA I'd suggest yiu attend a game. Out of all teams sports I watch league is my favorite at amateur level, perhaps because the simplicity of the game means you see less blatant errors and can still enjoy the one on one confrontations between players. I feel blessed to be in sydney for that. Thing is league is also a winter game here so no games till march. Perso I love the nov to march period as I go back to my first love: football and also follow hand, basket and volley results more closely and my beloved winter sports. All alpine skiing disciplines, biathlon, cross country etc are fantastic to watch on tv plus you see amazing landscapes we dont have down under. Plus its often on at prime time here in oz. MMA, boxing and a few minutes of cricket for good measure :) I actually really enjoy having a break from rugby, was probably close to o.d

13 Nov 2015
The A-League is an embarrassment to football

Wow after reading most of today's comments it feels like all of us took different things out of George's article and many judged him because of a title he may or may not have chosen. What i read was a football fan just asking for one thing: that his club be given a fair go and the possibility, should they perform well enough on the pitch, to play against the best teams in the country (in the top league). The title was out of line but I felt the explanation was pretty sound and highlighted, I would have thought, what all sports fan wish for their team, the right to dream that maybe one day they will be good enough to show they are the best.

12 Nov 2015
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