All Blacks dismantle Wallabies at Eden Park

Palu goes missing against big team. when was the last time he had a good game against the ABs, SBs or England?

24 Aug 2014
What to make of the Wallabies backline?

TBH your article appears Tahs focused. while that is a good thing, as when the Brumbies won their 2 (notice 2 :-) ) SR trophies, the Wallabies were laden with Brumbies. But you seem to miss the fact that large backs use KB as a doormat. Basteraud did it, Nadolo did it, this puts the whole team under pressure. I don't know what games you watched, but Toomua is a great defender in the mid field. remember his dominance over Beale/Foley in Canberra earlier this year? Clearly not. he has to be either 10 or 12. my guess is that he will probably actually take a lot of the 10 responsibilities of KB to free KB up. McCabe should have been a starter all year for the Brums, I just wonder if it is about managing his injuries? I think the back 3 is interesting, it seems to indicate an intent to run. none of the back 3 are known kickers, by that I mean return kickers. I think this team is going to run it. For that you need a tough player like Toomua to complement KB. look at the great Wallabies side they have all had that. Tim Horan outside Michael Lynagh and Steven Larkham. that worked just as Toomua outside KB will work.

14 Aug 2014
Toomua and Kuridrani don’t cut the mustard

Wow, not sure what you have been watching, but both those players have played well. One of the reasons Toomua is there is for his defence. I note that Basteraud walked over KB late in the match giving France momentum. Toomua's defence and level head is needed. The real problem is that he needs a KB or QC inside him.

23 Jun 2014
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