Canberra’s NRC team will be a red and white failure

I played for Norths and then Uni-Norths, so of course share the hatred of the red and white. but, I am also a realist. they have the money. the team needs the money. if to have an NRC team in the ACT it has to be red and white, then I will support it. and, to be honest, we should be all supporting them irrespective of their colours. they are representing the ACT and surrounding areas and we need to get behind them. if they can't show the support, then the they may get kicked out of the NRC for a team that can. We need to get over the colours and support the fact we have an NRC team.

26 Mar 2014
Hurricanes vs Cheetahs: Super Rugby live scores, blog

Gees this could be a cricket score! great entertainment!

15 Mar 2014
Chiefs vs Stormers: Super Rugby live scores, blog

The STormers get the ball back from the kick off. more lateral passing, they need players running straight and hard. Now a turnover and Anscombe goes into the the Stormers 22m and is just brought down.great run from him, and great chase from the 100 match man De Villiers. Chiefs get the lineout and now they drive on 1m to go now. and it is a TRY!!! who will come up with it? Looks like Latimer will get the T against his name! Well Latimer lines up and puts in a shocker! and that is the ball game. So the Chiefs come away with a win. Not sure if the score line reflects the game Though. — 80’ Live Score: Chiefs 36 – Stormers 20

14 Mar 2014
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