[VIDEO] Wallabies vs Springboks highlights: Rugby Championship results, scores, blog

Absolutely brilliant play and perseverance by Australia. Very NH like in their approach to the scrum and keeping the pressure on.

18 Jul 2015
Rugby’s Top 100: 80-91

It would be useful to know the writer's background in compiling such a list - age, location, experience, etc. His criteria include: "its a bit of a combination really. iv also looked at a players value to a team i.e. how greatly will losing that play detriment the side. other than that a players raw ability may also have a hand." Is this personal judgement of each player? How often has he seen each of his selections play? Over what period of time? He acknowledges that if a player distinguishes himself in the Rugby Championship, then he may get included in the list. Does this mean only players from the four participating teams will get considered, or will he be looking at other test matches as well over the same period? Roll on the countdown....

16 Jul 2015
2017 British and Irish Lions tour of New Zealand: Fixtures announced

So the Lions should just play 23 of their 35 man squad against 7 different squads? Yeah - that'll work.

11 Jul 2015
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