Hird gains more support on ‘Dons board

TomC, Was told 18 months ago ASADA is chock full of failed public servants. Totally unprofessional and wasting tax payers money going to the Supreme Court becuase they couldn't secure sworn witness testimony at the time. Their case is full of hear say, possiblities and smoking guns especially re Dank, they have tainted all in the process without facts. There is no proof any player at Essendon took a banned substance. It is just as possible (allegedly) that Dank channelled the peptides through his own business interests on Essendon's dime.

12 Dec 2014
Come on Melbourne and Sydney cricket lovers, turn up to watch the Aussie girls

Not only too much of a gap between games, but starting at 2pm on a normal work day significantly reduces those who could attend.

8 Nov 2014
James Hird wants new ASADA probe

Comprehension test for AR & others... Nothing has changed from the intent of the Fed court case by EFC & Hird, supported by the players - that is declare the investigation unlawful. That so called 'evidence' gathered illegally to build a circumstantial case would be further weakened and reduce the chance of a wrong judgement by the tribunal. Risk Management 101. None of you know the true nature of what occurred yet many have prejudged Hird through trial by media. This headline is designed to illicit the response (sell papers/get clicks) and you all fell for it.

8 Nov 2014
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