Hird stays as ‘Dons coach – for now

85% of Essendon fans couldn't care less what fans of other clubs think.

6 Oct 2014
Hird starts appeal process on Thursday

Try this:http://sociallitigator.com/ Nothing is certain, but some believe Middleton glossed over a key point, one which would open a can of worms perhaps why he didn't go there.

6 Oct 2014
The AFL has a long way to go in fostering complete tolerance

There are idiots at the football, for some its a release to be obnoxious and anti PC. It's no excuse. But to paint the AFL as having this problem is a bit rich after her team got pantsed in the Grand Final. Raw emotions, the humiliation. Erin also made a point of retweeting every stupid comment and say "see"

3 Oct 2014
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