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I also support the Canberra Raiders (NRL), Tottenham Hotspur (EPL), Rafael Nadal (ATP World Tour), and the Adelaide Thunderbirds (ANZ Championship). And Australian teams in any sport, needless to say!

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Re-imagining the Sheffield Shield

21 Mar 2014

The Sheffield Shield Final kicks off today. The culmination of thirty matches of domestic cricket sees New South Wales host Western Australia at Manuka Oval in Canberra. Or do they? Do the Blues really have the home ground advantage? “There’s not a great deal of an advantage, especially since [it] probably took them as long […]

Hot on the heels of Hotspur

17 Dec 2013

People who don’t know me very well might wonder why a person like me would support a team like Tottenham Hotspur. I wasn’t born in North London. I have no attachment to the Tottenham area. I don’t even have any relatives who support Spurs. In fact, most of my family and friends are barely aware […]

McKenzie’s tough decision will build winning culture

McKenzie's tough decision will build winning culture

19 Nov 2013

It doesn’t really matter whether you agree with Ewen McKenzie on this one or not. If you’re a Wallabies fan, you’ve got to back him to the hilt. Unless you went to bed early last night and this is the first thing you read when you got up this morning, you’ll be aware that McKenzie […]

Justice for Jesse Mogg!

Justice for Jesse Mogg!

26 Aug 2013

Let this be clear as mud – I do not think Jesse Mogg should be playing fullback for the Wallabies. His defence against linebreaks is very suspect, his situational awareness as a fullback is off, he tends to bite off more than he can chew with his kicks for touch, and he has the unfortunate […]

Mass changes not the answer for Wallabies

Mass changes not the answer for Wallabies

20 Aug 2013

The Wallabies loss to the All Blacks hurt. It would be very easy to convince the average Wallabies punter that after a loss like that more change to the team, rather than less, would be a good thing. I am not convinced by this logic. As a matter of fact, I can only see two […]

Cooper unlikely to strike fear into the hearts of All Blacks

Cooper unlikely to strike fear into the hearts of All Blacks

26 Jul 2013

Quade Cooper is a Wallaby again. The ink is on the page, the circle is complete, the writing on the wall and the flash official. News will be filtering through to offices, coffee shops, supermarket check-outs, and classrooms. Nowhere will the news spread faster than in Cooper’s country of birth – a nation under God, […]

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