Stand aside, here come the mighty Bears

No Beowulf. My comment was in response to this from you above: “its far closer to Suncorp from the Gold Coast than from the Central Coast to the SFS.” ‘Closer’ suggests you’re using a measurement of distance as opposed to time. And the distances I’ve quoted to you are from google maps which aren’t ‘AS THE CROW FLIES’. As I’ve said, I agree that the CC Bears should be included in the NRL’s future expansion plans. But what I 100% refute is this from your article: “I think it’s obvious to all (and history would suggest so) that the Gold Coast could not be sustained long term if another Queensland side was admitted.” Comments like this and the one I’m referring to above suggest you don’t understand the demographic, geographic and cultural situation on the Gold Coast. You might have a point if Queensland’s next expansions area was being touted as Coolangatta or Coomera but as they’re located in Brisbane or further north, another team in the SE corner is going to have absolutely no impact on the Titans. It actually presents another ‘derby’ game, which as you point out is a great strength for Sydney teams. I can also tell you that if I or 90% of residents on Gold Coast were to attend a game at Suncorp, travel time from door to stadium would resemble what you’re quoting from the Gosford to the SFS. As you probably know, the train line runs down the back of the Coast which is well away from the vast majority of the population and there’s only around 15 minutes difference in train travel time from Robina to Brisbane Central compared to Gosford to Sydney Central.

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Stand aside, here come the mighty Bears

Beowulf, you’ve got to stop making statements that you’ve got no idea about while not even taking the liberty to check what you’re saying before posting. A quick look on google would have informed you that the distance by road between the SFS (which still isn’t the closest NRL home ground to the CC) and CC Stadium is 84km while the distance between Suncorp Stadium and Cbus Super Stadium is 83km. Hardly ‘far closer’ as you claim. If you go from CBD to CBD, the distance between Sydney and Gosford is 79km while Brisbane to the Gold Coast is 81km. I hope you’re starting to get an idea of the distance between Brisbane and the Gold Coast along with the fact that they are very much considered (culturally and geographically) different cities and the NRL presence in one has next to no effect on the other.

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Stand aside, here come the mighty Bears

Beowulf, you hold some terribly false misconceptions about the Gold Coast. As has been pointed out, you’ve added another 2 ‘failed’ Gold Coast RL clubs to the list. Your analogy with Las Vegas and Atlantic City is a poor one. The Gold Coast holds our country’s 6th largest metropolitan population while Las Vegas is the States 30th (Atlantic City is even further down the list). That means they have a pile of other cities to choose from for professional representation in their national leagues before looking at LV (which the NBA are actually now by the way). Las Vegas is a ‘real’ tourist town with 3 rush hours that align with the shift changes that simultaneously occur at the casinos on the strip. The Gold Coast has a far more diverse economy compared to 16 years ago when the Chargers were dropped and as I mentioned to you below, young families are making up an increasingly larger percentage of the population. The population growth in Vegas hasn’t come from this segment as much as it has on the Coast. A comparison with Miami would be far more accurate. Tourism makes up a chunk of the local economy (amongst other industries) but the place is in the top 10 in the US’s largest metro populations and represented by the Dolphins, Panthers, Heat and Marlins in the major sporting leagues.

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