How much does a country’s characteristics influence their rugby style?

As Argy mentioned, there's more than just the Pumas missing here and to be fair to the author, you can't fit them all in. Read Kia's Undie 500 article, your boys get a gong there. With regards to the RWC, I'd say (if) there isn't too much pre-tournament chat about the Pumas because Group C is the most straight-forward group. Most would agree that the AB's will go through 1st and the Pumas will go through 2nd. Meanwhile, Group A is a legitimate 3 horse race with the Fijians being a potential thorn in the side, Group B will be a tussle for the 2nd spot behind the Boks and Group D's top 2 will both be aiming to get out of the group undefeated while the Italians could also upset the apple cart. Personally, I don't look too far beyond the group stage because (particularly at this RWC) there's too many unknowns.

20 Jun 2015
How to end the luck of the draw in the NRL

Conferences are the way to go for the NRL but the current make up of the competition make it difficult to implement (16 teams of which 9 are based in Sydney). Conferences need to be based on regional rivalries. The NRL being born out of a suburban competition has put it behind the 8-ball to a degree. That tribalism that the NRL supposedly harbours is the one opportunity that such a structure presents and more needs to be done to leverage these rivalries. Regional based conferences are the vehicle to carry this forward. Under the current makeup of the league, if the Dragons moved themselves to the Gong full time, you could have a Sydney Conference and a National Conference.

20 Jun 2015
Build your own NRL Dream Team for 2016

Cool concept: 1. J Hayne (c) 2. D Tupou 3. W Chambers 4. I Folau 5. W Hopoate 6. J Bird 7. B Hunt 8. A Woods 9. M Liicha 10. D Klemmer 11. S Burgess 12. B Cordner 13. T Merrin Res: W Graham, T Sims, T Frizell, C Sironen 2020 Premiership is ours!!

20 Jun 2015
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