The Hayne Plane can make rugby league soar in the States

Great post Glenn, you’ve thoroughly explained the real complexities and hardships associated with making an impact on culture- of which, sport plays a particularly important part. Especially these days where culture, sports/interests/hobbies and national identities are so mature and set in their ways across most countries, particularly in a developed market like the States. Birdy I think being able to teleport is a great idea…

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There has to be more to Ewen McKenzie’s resignation

There’s so much that could be said on yet another rubbish David Lord article, but you’ve summed up my main sentiments here Realist. How this can be turned into David’s 97th (I think we’re up to) ‘Beale must start at 12’ article is beyond me. And yes, of course Link pressed ‘send’ and none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for McKenzie. In fact Link surgically implanted the d!ck on Beale’s forehead that’s proven to have been there for some time now. Hard to believe, but this is a new low for you DL and therefore the roar. You do absolutely nothing for the credibility of your profession and for this (otherwise a very good) sports opinion site.

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When are we going to lose the box kick?

Lots of White bashing going on here and probably much of it is justified. I must admit, I was doing a bit after the game myself. It was a poorly executed box kick and it probably wasn’t the right time to employ the tactic. In my mind, his poor decision making throughout his 2014 Wallaby minutes place him as our third string 9 without doubt. I really thought it was time to give Genia a shot last night, but anyway... I’ve just watched the replay after being at the game last night and I actually don’t think White is the villain he’s being made out to be. Bare with me here: 76’ He slots a penalty that nobody else on the field in gold would have been able to make. This takes us out to a 6 point lead and forces the AB’s to come up with a converted try to take the win. 77’ We’re at the 40. I was sitting behind the Wallabies attack and there was a heap of room in the AB’s back field. This would have been the time to get Foley at first receiver to angle a kick into one of the uncovered corners to force the AB’s to play from within their 22. I believe a kick here would have been a sound option as trying to hold onto the ball in our own half against a determined AB defence for 3 minutes was going to be a tough ask for our tired bodies. A lineout deep an AB territory would have been a handy time waster also. Our lack of vision in the tactical kicking department continues to be an area of great concern for the Wallabies. 77.20’ As it turns out, we don’t hold onto possession. Fardy takes a lazy pick and go and Alexander is poorly positioned for an effective clear out. We’re pinged for holding on. 77.50’ Tomane does a great job of collecting a poor Slade kick for touch but he’s far too upright running back into contact. Tuipulotu takes advantage for the steal. 78’ Perenara passes poorly and White does a brilliant job to scramble and position his body to win back the ball. 78.30’ White has his brain snap. Only 90 seconds to go and he sends up a poorly executed box kick that advances us 5m up field and gives the AB’s a lineout. It didn’t inhibit his kick at all but Peyper wouldn’t have been out of place to get in Joubert’s ear about the position of Retallick and Tuipulotu who were both in front of the last feet before the ball had cleared the ruck. 80’ As some have mentioned, Foley made his poor attempt on Fekitoa before he crashes over. So although White’s poorly executed box kick was an absolute shocker at a crucial time, he did make some big plays in the last 5 minutes that kept us in the game and there were some other costly mistakes made by other team members. Also, we were seriously lacking some more direction from captain and 10.

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