If players are exhausted let’s postpone Origin, not internationals

Sorry Nerval, did I say you said international rugby league should match or exceed state of origin? Like all sports (including rugby union), there’s plenty of negative press that ‘might’ deter fan engagement. But I think you’re putting far too much weight on the impact of the opinions of a couple of prehistoric commentators. Do you seriously think that without these select opinions; crowds, ratings and general interest in international rugby league will suddenly skyrocket in this country? I’d suggest the opinions amongst rugby league commentators (both positive and negative) just mirror the opinions within the general public. As I’m sure you’re aware, there’s a reasonable chunk of dedicated NRL fans that aren’t particularly interested in international rugby league. Falling within that category myself, I can tell you that neither Ray Warren nor any other media personality/representative has moulded my opinion one iota. And I dare say, the majority aren’t that swayed by a few negative opinions in the media either. Certainly not enough for it to have the sort of impact that you’re implying. If what you’re suggesting is at all accurate, it’s a very sad indictment on the average NRL fan. Rugby Union commentators don’t speak lowly of international rugby because it’s the pinnacle of the sport. How many rugby league commentators trash talk or question SOO? I think you’re also dramatically understating the negative press the Wallabies receive. It might not be questioning the legitimacy of the tier they play on, but if that sort of talk has a significant impact on fan interest in international rugby league, there’s plenty of negative press that’s be written on the Wallabies over the last 4 months that would have a similar impact. But I really don’t think people listen that much. At the end of the day, we all make up our own minds and I don’t think people are going to make their decisions based on what Ray Warren said once. Anyways, I live in the state that held the double header and there was far more general interest articles on the game(s) written in our state rag in the lead up compared to those bagging it.

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If players are exhausted let’s postpone Origin, not internationals

3 venue sellouts and games with national ratings of between 3 and 4 million. VS A double header that attracted a crowd of 47,000 and ratings of 800,000. I think you know why that idea will A/ Never happen & B/ Be absolute madness. This is what should happen. - When the competition is expanded, drop the regular season to 22 games (23 rounds with a bye). - Can the ANZAC rep weekend. - International RL should involve 1 off games against the ‘big 3’ (winner takes all scenario) at the end of each season for a total of 2 extra games. Each team plays one game at home and one game OS.

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Stop worrying and learn to love international rugby league

To be fair Trent, teams like in Samoa in Rugby have a similar reliance on NZ born ‘Samoans’.

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