Revived Gold Coast a catalyst for ‘united’ success

J Binnie – You’ve pointed out that I’ve used recycled material throughout the piece, although I have to disagree. This piece (a Goal Weekly contribution in the rewind section) is aimed at getting the readers up to scratch with the recent events on football issues. As I’ve chosen to talk about the Gold Coast debacle, I have merely got my readers up to scratch with the current events that I’m discussing – termination of Clive Palmer’s A-League licence, his utter contempt towards the game, lack of community engagement etc and then onto the Sydney Rovers’ failed attempt at joining the competition on behalf of GCU (a signal that illustrates how that expansion into the region shouldn’t be a rushed). Thus, the column is primarily meant to give my readers a thorough background on the state of affairs and reasoning behind my opinions. Yes, the crowd capping of 5,000 was purely from a business perspective – to save money on stadium costs and staff allocations. However, what message does it convey to the average Gold Coast resident? How does that give locals the incentive to attend a GCU game, when the crowd is capped to such low proportions? It certainly gives the club a negative image, a notion that shouldn’t be apparent in the foundational days of an expansion club. If Palmer was fervent about the game, and wanted his GCU venture to be a grand success, he would have made sure that there were marketing initiatives to aid in the promotion of the club throughout the city. There would have been a surfeit of community interaction through schools, shopping centres, local clubs etc. Different promotional strategies would have been adopted and furthermore he wouldn’t denigrate the code to such bizarre levels –regardless of his rationale behind the code’s problems. In relation to the AFL – yes the Suns have been a remarkable success, considering their on the field performances have been rather poor to date. Regardless of the ex-Victorian contingent residing on the Gold Coast, the Suns encompass an astute strategic plan to tackle its local market and make the club a mainstay in the region. If a strewed community ownership model can be adopted, in conjunction with a viable marketing plan, then the Gold Coast region deserves a second shot in the A-League. After all, FFA's market research revealed that Gold Coast was a viable market for Australia's domestic competition.

9 Mar 2012
Melbourne derby reveals tale of two journeys

Thanks for the positive feedback, glad you guys enjoyed it! I guess both Melbourne sides have shown elements of potential on different scales this season, but ultimately have failed to deliver. Victory, with its big name status and successful history since the A-League's inception, would be far more disappointed with the lacklustre performances to date. Although, as Fussball mentioned, there is still hope with seven games remaining. It feels like the never ending saga, however if Victory do hit their straps then it does have talent to dispose of any opposition of its day. As we've witnessed on numerous occasions, players in the calibre of Harry Kewell , Archie Thompson and Carlos Hernandez can alone ignite a resurgence throughout the team, although as mentioned in my piece, the primary problem lies in the midfield and a frail defence – although this was somewhat rectified in last week’s derby. In regards to Heart, winless in seven matches hasn't helped its cause, after sitting second on the table leading at the beginning of 2012. The loss of Olyroos players is a massive hurdle to overcome in the next couple of weeks; however the return of Fred will be an enormous bonus - with their form slump coinciding with his stint on the sidelines. I'm predicting Heart to scrap into the top-six, with possibly Sydney FC making way for either Newcastle Jets or Victory.

10 Feb 2012
Lively week for the A-League arena

Cheers for the feedback, glad you enjoyed my piece! Yes, it will be interesting to see how this Victory team responds against the bottom of the table Gold Coast United. Anything but a win will be acceptable from the board, accompanied with its fans, or else we may see another casualty! And Brisbane, from a football perspective, I hope they get the unbeaten streak record - 36 games is a mighty feat!

25 Nov 2011
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