More equal than others: Time to create a global rugby calendar

Why are clubs always accused of refusing to release players for the international windows? Clubs do release players for these matches. They don't always like it, and prefer top players who don't have international commitments, but the players do get released. Clubs are often not prepared to release players for matches or training sessions scheduled outside the international window. Why should they? There are side agreements, like the one which sees French clubs willing to voluntarily release Argentinian players for training camps ahead of the Rugby Championship. The quid pro quo is that Argentina doesn't select these players for matches during the June Tests. The IRB officially frowns on such deals but there's no other way of balancing Northern club commitments with a Southern test schedule.

9 Oct 2014
Will Burgess play for England in the 2015 World Cup?

Te'o has signed to Leinster and England don't select players from overseas leagues. He won't be considered unless he moves to an English club.

8 Oct 2014
Kieran Longbottom on England’s radar

I doubt there are many England supporters who want to see Longbottom turning out for us. Nevertheless, it looks like the coaching team might select him just to have an option ahead of the World Cup in the event of a serious run of injuries. Dan Cole was first choice for some time but is still on the sidelines after a neck injury. We don't know if he'll be back to his best. Our current frontrunner is David Wilson, but after that we've got mainly youngsters. Two years out, tighthead will be one of our most competitive positions, but the coaches might want Longbottom around if both Cole and Wilson go down before the Cup.

25 Sep 2014
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