Read this before signing part 1: The players

Sorry to be late to this one. There's a lot to value in this piece but I don't think it applies so well to English club rugby. English clubs face relegation and not all teams in the Premiership get to play in top European competition. If you want to make your career at international level, you can't really do that from a team spending a season at the bottom of the Aviva - no player from the current bottom three clubs featured in Lancaster's squads during the Six Nations. You almost certainly can't get ahead if you are spending your professional career in the division below. The majority of players in and around the England squad have already played at more than one club, and many will probably add to the tally before they retire. There are many reasons why they chose to switch clubs and I'm not sure you can say any of them are bad.

25 Mar 2014
What about international tournaments between World Cups?

You can't have a Lions Tour one year out from the World Cup. If we need more space in the calendar for significant international competitions, then I can't see the Lions surviving.

26 Nov 2013
ASHES: Talking points from Brisbane day one

It's not just the English. Jim Maxwell criticized it during his commentary.

21 Nov 2013
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