2014′s Grand Tour favourites (part 2)

Great set of articles Jaime, very hard to argue against something so comprehensive. I must ask though who you think the most likely to upset the favourites at the big races are? Froome looks in great for, do you think anyone can tackle him? Likewise I'd say Qintana is looking solid for the Giro, can anyone beat him?

5 Apr 2014
Can Peter Sagan gatecrash the Cancellara/Boonen Classics Show?

I love Peter Sagan, he brings colour and personality to the field and is an aggressive, fun rider to watch. I do agree with the article thought that he is unlikely to topple the likes of Boonen and Cancellara simply because of the difference in experience. I think it is just a matter of time until he wins one of the classics though unless he radically changes the focus of his career. As you said he isn't really suited to the modern GC field at the major Tours if he also harbours ambition to match it in the classics. However if he could get the team around him and focus solely on the Tour, following a Bradley Wiggins style plan he could conceivably convert over. Unfortunately the days of men like Merckx winning the classics and Tour GC are gone.

29 Mar 2014
BJ Penn: “Edgar the only reason I’m coming back”

Great interview Jason. I wonder if BJ coming back is a good idea though. He is an amazing champion but I hope this return doesn't further damage his legacy like the fight with McDonald did. He is an amazing fighter and at his prime cut a streak through the lightweight division in a manner I doubt anyone else will replicate. I love the guy and will always cheer for him but I honestly just don't want to see him get beat down again.

29 Mar 2014
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