Astana: Three strikes and you’re out

This just stinks to high hell and now we have our current tour riding for a suspect dirty team that has a dirtg past, that is run by an even dirtier manager. If there was ever a time for the UCI to show it is serious about a clean peloton and show it has changed since the dark days then now is the time for it to act.

24 Oct 2014
Nibali the Grand Tour star of 2014

I agree, Nibali grabbed that race by the scruff of the neck and didn't let up right from day 2. His day 5 ride on the cobbles was simply epic. Instead of doing what most the GC guys did and sit back, stay out of trouble while trying to minimise any potential loss he went for it any eventually rode guys like Sagan and Cancellara off his wheel. After getting that gap he was constantly at the front on the climbs, always showing he was the best rider in the race. People will say Contactor and Froome could have challenged but the fact is the pressure they were under caused them to make mistakes which cost them the race.

23 Oct 2014
There has to be more to Ewen McKenzie’s resignation

The same 'man management' excuses were given about why Ewen should take over from Deans, mostly in relation to Quad Cooper. Whether he was mismanaged or not Beale should not be on the plane to Europe, he can stay in rugby but he should serve some penance before representing the country again. We cannot keep rewarding these egotistical players who think they are more important than the game itself.

20 Oct 2014
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