Chris Paul probably isn’t sexist, but he needs to Clip the whinging

Yeah, I can't see how this is sexism, he doesn't even mention the fact she is a woman except for referring to her as 'her' as he lays out the story. Can't really see how else this can be done. In my mind I feel like it would cross the line if he made a more general statement about women not being competent or skillful enough to ref or if he used some kind of feminine stereotype to imply women weren't up to the job or don't deserve respect. That said this was probably a story waiting to happen and will unfortunately be repeated when the NRL or AFL have their first full time female refs. Any disrespect shown can easily be reframed by the general media, sensationalist pundits or the twiterazi as sexism when it is simply just plain old disrespect. I'm all for harshly penalising back chat to all refs because I think the lack of respect they are shown is terrible and reflects very poorly on sport so good on the NBA for clamping down.

10 Feb 2015
2015 Asian Cup: Timmy’s great, but he’s not the best Australian sportsman

Big call, on top of those international goals he has a swag of goals in the EPL one of, if not the biggest football league in the world. At his peak he was probably in the tier of strikers just below the absolute super stars like Ronaldo and Messi. The only other football player I think really matches Cahill for consistency over a long period at the highest professional level is Schwartzer or maybe Viduka (at a stretch). The comparison to Campese is a good one however I can't remember any Cahill brain explosions like Campese was known to do from time to time. Cross code is so hard because football is such a different monster to league or Union both skill wise and in terms of international profile. cahill has never been an international super star of the sport but certainly ranked up there. However Im curious though, besides Campo, who would you rate in front of Cahill.

26 Jan 2015
Forget a club, the NRL won’t even give the Central Coast a game

Sorry, that horse has bolted and there is only Central Coast fans to blame for not turning up to support the Northern Eagles back in the day. If they had kept a good crowd and membership numbers do you think they would have turned their back on such a financial boom? Absolutely not. Central Coast is also unfortunately based just an hour and a half south and an hour and a half north of their two nearest teams whereas other potential teams would fill a much bigger hole in the national landscape. I know Central Coast will keep fighting but it will take a miracle to get a team, I think the best bet would be simply to petition one of the struggling Sydney clubs, such as the Sharks to base more home games there.

21 Jan 2015
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