NSW cut wagering tax: Industry wins, but numbers are hard to grasp

It would matter zilch if the government gave RNSW $100m, the Championships will never topple the Victorian Spring Carnival – and I live in Sydney. It is not about how many more millions the billionaire Arabs can take from our shores; it really is about what is the best use of NSW tax payer’s money. Do we really need to add more millions to the already multiple $million races for the fat cats? Why not upgrade the Golden Slipper from $3.5M to $5.5 million; or surely we can increase the Darley TJ Smith Stakes from $2.5 million to a more respectable $4million? The world’s richest 2000m turf race, the Group 1 Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes only has a prize purse of $4 million; it really should be $6million. Instead of those inflated millions being deposited into the Arab Bank or maybe even Westpac at Scone, has anyone given a thought how many schools or Hospitals could have been built. I wonder if the Minister of sport has ever been forced to watch his mother struggle to breathe because the Westmead Hospital only has one ventilator machine, or maybe his kids have to travel and extra hour in the bus as their school was forced to close down due to lack of funds? What about the tens of thousands of poor souls who don’t have anywhere to sleep and have no idea where their next meal will come from? Life is about priorities. Minister, you have got is horribly wrong.

16 Jun 2015
SMITHY: You don’t need superstar halves to play attacking footy

Hi Brian, Next time the original JT rings can you ask him why he played his his chief player Brooks as a hooker?

4 Jun 2015
PRICHARD: Class of 2015 lagging behind the best of past years

Steve Dont confuse "smartest and most professional" with "best". FYI, Soward only runs 3 times a game (Cronk 10) and he only makes a poor 25m running (Cronk 57m). Soward is also zero for tackle breaks, line breaks and tries.

1 Jun 2015
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