Ryan Moore: gun jockey or lucky to be on the best horse?

kv Great article mate. You can add big Richie to the bucket list on Ryan Moore. Unlike his dad Kenny, who is one of the best judges I know thought Moore's ride was excellent. I am very critical on jockeys and I thought RM was amazing from start to finish, the only surprise is that he did not have a ride in every race

5 days ago
Gallen’s $50k fine: NRL punishment is massive overkill

Ryan Your not in the minority, all my mates agree with you. This is what I dont get. How can any guy call the bosses who run the product that gives him his livelihood a c... and still be able to participate at all? That would never happen in the corporate world. I actually thought the 50k was weak from the NRL and a ban was more appropriate. Gal doesn't get it that 1,000s of kids have seen what he has done and as the current skipper of NSW it is a shocking look.

5 days ago
Are third-party player payments only for the rich clubs?

Red Block, No doubt Penrith is an NRL heart land and they have the best juniors, but to do well, really well, you need to rate well on TV. The Panthers dont do that on Tv and they are low on members and crowds attendance: Membership Numbers for Clubs Rabbitohs – 27,543 Broncos - 22,165 Dragons – 15,615 Knights - 14,456 Eels – 13,675 Bulldogs – 13,035 Storm - 11,813 Roosters – 12,963 Cowboys - 10,536 Sea Eagles – 10,123 Panthers – 8,255 Warriors - 6,679 Sharks – 6,812 Titans - 7,409 Tigers – 6,497 Raiders - 6,698 Average Crowd Figures for Clubs (2013) Broncos - 30,480 Rabbitohs –22,261 Bulldogs – 19,590 Roosters – 19,368 Knights - 18,821 Storm - 16,302 Warriors - 16,197 Cowboys - 14,112 Titans - 14,028 Sea Eagles – 13,522 Sharks – 13,470 Eels – 12,456 Dragons – 12,422 Tigers – 11,452 Panthers – 10,337 Raiders - 10,226

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