Everybody hates Ricky, but why?

Bush, 100% correct and as Ryan pointed out he earns $1m bucks. I for one get no joy in writing negative things about Ricky and I even have a "no bet Ricky policy" with his teams. So lets leave the footy aside and ask Ricky to think about something much more important, his health. When you hold out your hand and accept millions to coach a team and they consistently go backwards you are going to cop a heap of criticism and after enduring years on end of it you can see in Ricky media conferences that it is impacting his well being big time. A quote from the great Peyton Manning: "Pressure is something you feel when you don't know what the hell you're doing." Ricky should retire before he has a heart attack. He doesn't need this pressure or the millions. Retire and be remembered as a great player.

22 Aug 2014
Ricky overwhelmed as the Raiders unravel

Pomoz Spot on mate. Just for the record he is screaming because he has no rep players: He has 4 Origin players/internationals – Josh Papalii, David Shillington, Terry Campese, Brett White – plus Jack Wighton and Jarrod Croker, who were named as 18th men for NSW in matches this year. Oh, and the NRL most exciting young talent Anthony Milford. BTW, The ONLY Origin players in the Panthers team on Mon is Soward (3 games 2011) and Jamal Idris (1 game 2010)

20 Aug 2014
Roosters turn to Hastings for hooking help

James I will be surprised if Jake Friend doesn't play + SBW.

20 Aug 2014
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