Morgan should be picked in Test side instead of Cronk

Hi Greg, I get your logic for the future but here is the big problem. Milford and Morgan are both world class and Milf will take over from JT as the best in the game when he retires, but neither Milf or Morgs can "run a team". I have seen them both in the General's role and they both struggle, but when you put an organiser next to them they shine. When Cooper and JT are ready to call it a day, I will be shocked if the Maroons do not go with the Broncos combination of Hunt and Milford. This is not to say that Hunt is a better player than Morgan, but Hunt has the advantage of club chemistry with Milford and since being coached by Kev Walters last year under Bennett, he has improved his fifth tackle options immensely. He has graduated from a Sargent to a General. If Hunt and Milford are the next Maroon halfs then it would be foolhardy for Mal to change. Having said all of that, if I had the power of Kev Walters and Mal Meninga I would play Milford at fullback which would allow Morgan to slot in next to Hunt. Milford is freakish with 1 on his shirt and gives him more room and less tackles to make. Lest we forget........

25 Apr 2016
The incredible longevity of Wayne Bennett, Corey Parker, and Cameron Smith

Hi David, Good read mate. Note that Craig Bellamy has a 66% win rate at the Storm and to make that record even more remarkable, he has never gone to market and paid big money for an established NRL player in his prime. His guns have all been developed by him, no other top coach can say this. Special mention should also go to Jeremy Smith who is 36 years old and has been coached by both Bellamy and Bennett.

25 Apr 2016
The Roar’s NRL MVP: Round 7

Joe Agree, glad someone watched the game.

19 Apr 2016
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