Gold Coast Titans’ new coach unlikely to stop the rot

Jay, How on earth did you come to the conclusion that Neil Henry is a "tactically brilliant coach"? Here is his record with a very talented list: 2009 - 2013 123 games 58 wins , 65 loses for a 47% win strike rate. This is the guy who almost ruined Jason Taumalolo's career and let James Segeyaro go for pluggers like Rory Kostjasyn, Ray Thompson and Scott Moore.

17 Jan 2015
Green unsure on Thurston in Auckland

Greeny says "wont be taking any unnecessary risks." Memo to the coach: Playing JT IS an unnecessary risk.

14 Jan 2015
No more excuses for North Queensland

Jay, It is not an issue anymore, in fact it is a strength. They now have Cameron King, Jake Granville, Rory Kostjasyn and Ray Thompson and the first 2 guys are very good.

13 Jan 2015
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