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Sean loves to combine his love of sport and writing.

He played country football for 20 years in Victoria and Western Australia, along the way breaking, straining or tearing every bone, muscle or tendon in his body.

He recently won the Stringybark Australian Short Story History award for his depiction of the Aboriginal game of Marngrook and his work has appeared in various newspapers and anthologies.

He has covered recent editions of the Jayco-Herald Sun Tour and the Australian road cycling titles.

Despite a couple of second places in D grade club races he is still not quite as fast as Cadel!

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Froome’s climbing masterclass propels Herald Sun Tour into the stratosphere

Froome's climbing masterclass propels Herald Sun Tour into the stratosphere

8 Feb 2016

Tour de France hero Chris Froome has won the 63rd Herald Sun Tour.

Jayco Herald Sun Tour proves its relevance

Jayco Herald Sun Tour proves its relevance

6 Feb 2016

The stars of Australia’s summer of cycling have come out to play at the 63rd Jayco Herald Sun Tour.

Ranking the Brownlow, Part 2: Top 10 medallists of all time

28 Sep 2015

On Friday I attempted to rank the top 10 Brownlow medallists since 1975. Based solely on my own recollections, the purely subjective list had only one criteria – that the player must have won a Brownlow medal within the last 40 years.

Ranking the Brownlow, Part 1: Top 10 medallists since 1975

25 Sep 2015

On Monday night, after the heat and clamour of this weekend’s games have faded and the results have been scribed into the record books, the AFL will crown its latest king.

The x-factor players set to decide this year's AFL premiership

18 Sep 2015

A champion team will always beat a team of champions. How many times have we heard that old chestnut being bandied about by tired sports journalists searching for a quick cliché?

Lose tonight and Hawthorn can forget about their 'three-peat'

11 Sep 2015

Are Hawthorn a genuine chance at winning three premierships in a row? We’ll know more after tonight’s game against West Coast in Perth, but history suggests that the mighty Hawks will struggle to achieve the prestigious hat trick.

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