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Sean loves to combine his love of sport and writing.

He played country football for 20 years in Victoria and Western Australia, along the way breaking, straining or tearing every bone, muscle or tendon in his body.

He recently won the Stringybark Australian Short Story History award for his depiction of the Aboriginal game of Marngrook and his work has appeared in various newspapers and anthologies.

He has covered recent editions of the Jayco-Herald Sun Tour and the Australian road cycling titles.

Despite a couple of second places in D grade club races he is still not quite as fast as Cadel!

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May 2012
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GreenEdge, Essendon FC
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AFL, Cricket, Cycling,

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Some more unscathed than others in Essendon saga

Some more unscathed than others in Essendon saga

2 days ago

How many people really know what went on at Essendon through the supplements saga? Millions, apparently! Everyone has a view of course, a personal opinion that they are none too shy about venting. That is how it should be. But an awful lot of people also seem to know exactly what went on. I have […]

Nibali the Grand Tour star of 2014

Nibali the Grand Tour star of 2014

2 days ago

This year’s trio of Grand Tours provided us with plenty of highlights and drama, but one image in particular keeps coming back to me. Of the three races, the memory most prominent in my mind is of Vincenzo Nibali ploughing his way across the muddy cobbles on Stage 5 of the Tour. Nibali had already […]

It’s time for Peter Sagan to deliver

It's time for Peter Sagan to deliver

10 Oct 2014

When Peter Sagan announced himself to the greater cycling world with three stage wins at the 2012 Tour de France, there seemed to be no limit to his potential. Not only did his bright, shining star illuminate the Tour’s grand universe, it sparked our imaginations. While he wasn’t a pure sprinter, we could see him […]

Despite what they say, this Saturday will be very much all about Buddy

Despite what they say, this Saturday will be very much all about Buddy

25 Sep 2014

Jezza’s speccy, Leo Barry’s mark, Michael Long’s goal. They are moments of brilliance that we all know and love. Like pop stars who have become so famous that they only need one name, these passages of play need only a proper noun and a verb to be instantly recognisable to footy fans everywhere. No further […]

And the winner is… Sydney!

And the winner is... Sydney!

24 Sep 2014

The Sydney Swans are on the verge of winning their third premiership in 10 years. It has been a remarkable effort from a team which has refused to bottom out and slide down the ladder to rebuild. While many will argue that salary-cap concessions associated with the controversial cost of living allowance has given the […]

A sad farewell to a young fan

A sad farewell to a young fan

18 Sep 2014

“Connor has gone to heaven. He is in peace now.” It was the message we didn’t want to receive, although we knew it was coming. My son’s best mate had just died from an inoperable brain tumour. He was only eight years old. The news was relayed to me while I was on a break […]

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