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Sean loves to combine his love of sport and writing.

He played country football for 20 years in Victoria and Western Australia, along the way breaking, straining or tearing every bone, muscle or tendon in his body.

He recently won the Stringybark Australian Short Story History award for his depiction of the Aboriginal game of Marngrook and his work has appeared in various newspapers and anthologies.

He has covered recent editions of the Jayco-Herald Sun Tour and the Australian road cycling titles.

Despite a couple of second places in D grade club races he is still not quite as fast as Cadel!

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May 2012
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GreenEdge, Essendon FC
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AFL, Cricket, Cycling,

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Forget the feel-good factor, Dustin Fletcher needs to play on

Forget the feel-good factor, Dustin Fletcher needs to play on

6 days ago

Essendon’s Dustin Fletcher must be allowed to play on next year. The serious finger injury that ended his 2014 season early has left the lanky defender stranded on 393 games and without the chance of playing a farewell match. After 22 years of service to a club that he literally grew up in, he has […]

Vuelta could decide this year’s stage racer

Vuelta could decide this year's stage racer

24 Aug 2014

Not so long ago the pro-cycling world was easy to quantify. Alberto Contador was the pre-eminent stage racer, Fabian Cancellara was numero uno when it came to races against the clock and Mark Cavendish was the undisputed sprint king. Hardly anyone would have argued otherwise. Fast forward to 2014 however, and things aren’t so easily […]

The sound of heartbreak: Neale Daniher, my hero

The sound of heartbreak: Neale Daniher, my hero

21 Aug 2014

When Neale Daniher’s knee crumpled beneath him in the next to last game of the 1981 VFL season, the football world was robbed of one of its most promising rising stars. The then 20-year-old had been one of the driving forces behind a 15-game winning streak that had the Bombers – who had started the […]

The journey begins for Dae Szydlik

The journey begins for Dae Szydlik

19 Aug 2014

On the surface, Dae Szydlik is just like every other sports-loving 14-year-old boy. Like thousands of Aussie children before him, he plays cricket in the summer and footy in the winter. He kicks a ball around with his mates at recess and lunchtime at school and lines up for his junior club each weekend. He […]

Winning stages better than winning the green jersey

Winning stages better than winning the green jersey

9 Aug 2014

If you had the choice of riding away from the Tour de France with either the green jersey on your back or a swag of stage wins under your belt, which would you choose? Would you prefer to be Marcel Kittel or Peter Sagan? Kittel visited the top step of the podium on four occasions […]

The game is as magical as ever!

The game is as magical as ever!

7 Aug 2014

The alarm sounds at 6:15am. The boy drags himself out of bed. It is cold but he doesn’t care. His footy jumper is carefully laid out on the end of his bed. He admires it for a moment, a brightly coloured maroon and gold design that is pleasing to his eye. He especially likes the […]

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