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Is this year’s NFL Pro Bowl a model for AFL rep footy?

Is this year’s NFL Pro Bowl a model for AFL rep footy?

30 Jan 2014

I’ve reluctantly come to accept that State of Origin will never be meaningfully resurrected in the AFL. The clubs won’t support it, no one can agree on the right format and it’s just too difficult to find the multiple weeks necessary in an already crowded and lengthy season. But the players support the concept of […]

Measuring Australian sporting success

Measuring Australian sporting success

21 Nov 2013

As far as the Australian Sports Commission is concerned, the measure of the success of Australian sporting high performance programs is how many Olympic gold medals and World Championships we win. This principle guides federal funding for high performance programs and the development of talent search programs for events with low participation bases that are […]

Three questions Bombers need to answer

Three questions Bombers need to answer

2 Aug 2013

Both Dean Robinson and James Hird could well believe they are telling the truth because that’s how they remember things now. The actual truth could be either version or somewhere in between. The fact is memory is an unreliable tool. A person’s memory is shaped by their perceptions, emotional state, ego, and understanding of the […]

How beneficial is professional sport to the indigenous community?

3 Dec 2012

There wouldn’t be an Australian over the age of 20 who doesn’t vividly remember Cathy Freeman’s run in the final of the women’s 400m final at the Sydney Olympics. Indigenous Australians have made tremendous and often visually spectacular contributions to Australian Sport. In our two national football codes the likes of Jonathon Thurston and Adam […]

The art of quarterbacking

The art of quarterbacking

23 Nov 2012

Is there a more demanding role in sport than than of the NFL starting quarterback? I think not. Sometimes it’s easy to get blasé about the skills of the very best quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning and become overly critical of the quarterbacks at the bottom end of the NFL Spectrum. […]

NFL 2012 recap - the season so far

4 Oct 2012

Roughly a quarter of the way through the NFL 2012 Season and what do we know? Well, for a start, my August 18 Roar Superbowl Prediction – Ravens v Falcons – is very much alive and kicking. Now let’s have serious look at the state of play. Houston are ticking along beautifully at the moment, […]

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