Pek Cowan re-signs with Western Force

Win-Win, cheers!

28 Oct 2014
The sad decline of Australian rugby

Please add Moore, Hanson, Phipps, Foley, Lealifano, AAC, Horne, Fardy, Horwill, Carter to that list WNM (inpo). Perhaps alone on this site I don't see this period as a loss. What I have seen is the steady disappearance of the fomula-driven game plans being replaced by a less structured fast ruck, quick passing game that was always Rugby. Set pieces are mere restarts, things can be made to happen but the skill, accuracy, pace required of the guerrilla game had been lost. You cannot retrain entire careers, bring thousands of hours of muscle memory undone overnight. Link did quite a good job and it is sad that he let things get out of hand however, if Cheika maintains this momentum (which he should) then things will improve.

27 Oct 2014
Why Super Rugby isn’t going to be so Super from 2016

If this 'vision' is accompanied by a pragmatic effort to continue to raise the quality (skill, fitness, decision-making) of the players then maybe it will work. I love this game because of what it has meant for the societies that supported it. A training method for leaders and team-builders, a social networking grounding, a builder of integrity, resilience, courage. Rugby is under threat from those who see it purely as a form of entertainment, a product to market, it has much more to offer. It is always the value, the substance, of the (ex) players that is our most profound contribution. Very few things can make that claim, we still can if we see it as a fundamental.

27 Oct 2014
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