Cheika hopeful of keeping Beale in rugby

If Pulver thinks KB should stay, can he explain why? Because he is what to Oz Rugby? All I see is a decent S15 player who didn't make the leap to test level. If anyone is thinking we are going to have easy wins against the Pumas, think again. They are playing skillful, fast, intimidating Rugby and just may promote the 'Boks into the lead by denying us and our cousins wins or bonus points. Last Saturday night. A team foxing, already celebrating. Link is not the man to take us anywhere, in his defence, probably too smart, he out-thinks himself and needs someone to tell him when to get real. My choice, Nobody, John has a lovely balance of humility and cold-bloodedness more than capable of sacking/benching those who undermine the team.

28 Aug 2014
Wallabies’ Bledisloe Cup 2 team announcement: live updates

Definition of stupidity: Keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome. Link needed to shake things up and White/Beale - Phipps/Foley would have been a decent start, allows for a Phipps, Toomua, Foley option too, breaking the line, Skelton for Simmons another, Izzy to 13 and AAC/McCabe to 15. Would freshen/sharpen some minds anyway. Time to step up, Eden Park size steps too, and that includes the off-field crew.

19 Aug 2014
What to make of the 12-all Bledisloe draw?

All I can say is I told you so. Kick away good possession and your opposition sees you as weak, weak-willed or weak-minded, neither is more important. Who knows if the fly-half alteration worked but we do know that KB was not the game-changer he was touted to be. Two yellows and still manage a draw, that's a sister you would kiss. The surface and conditions were not our favourite and it was one they would be more comfortable with so made more difficult. Ok Link, Eden Park next, what have you got for us? Any more mind-games or just solid Rugby decisions. You have made it harder for yourself because now there is no more Nonu (the brick with hands) and Conrad will be back, that was a very good opportunity before the NZRU saw the light about ageing players and mis-placed loyalties. You know you have to win this one right? Before you go home tonight could you make sure that Nobody is or becomes an accreditted coach? Psst, Phipps (less emotional, thats a good thing at test level, right?), Skelton to start but only for the first 30, then Simmons, don't touch Carter please, we want more front foot ball, oh, and coach Izzy about going low into certain tackles, KB is a lost cause in that department, won't object if you drop him though, still a great impact player but needs the opposition to be slower, heavier than this lot.

18 Aug 2014
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