Sport is no leader on fighting homophobia, but the time has come

Not something I will do with your contributions though you would do well to heed your own advice. I asked for a logical basis, an epistemological understanding requisite to all learned discussion. The science says something which is at odds with your understanding and you feel from your position you are permitted to dismiss it. Get over yourself. Consensus will only ever be available at the final moment of the next Big Implosion. Till then all we have are theories such as; adding carbon to Iron makes steel; water molecules have a positive charge which is why they are a good solvent and can walk up a tree's veins; the speed of light is a constant and the fastest thing in the universe... Just how much science can someone of your ability afford to dismiss? ps: still waiting for a pointer to the other 'scientific' based responses you alluded to, why? pss: do some words have a very specific meaning or are they all available for personal interpretation? Can you provide a list?

2 days ago
Rebels overpower Force in Good Friday clash

Agree to differ?? I did watch it a few times including eighth speed and concluded Ben did infringe.

2 days ago
Will South Africa really leave SANZAR?

Experience is a shortcut to saving time. I discount anything he has to say because he himself has shown prejudice which has no basis in fact. Masters cannot/has not disguised his distaste for Rugby and therefore how could he ever write dispassionately on the topic. There will always be some predisposition, some desire to sink the boot in that will cheapen his logic and cloud his collation of the facts. ps: I don't dislike RL any more than I dislike cage fighting. Similar things at different times of the day.

2 days ago
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