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Resting Wade leaves question marks for the Heat

Resting Wade leaves question marks for the Heat

2 Nov 2013

Preparing at home for yesterday’s game between my Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers I almost fell off my chair when I read my Twitter feed. The news said “Miami coaches advise Dwayne Wade will be ‘resting’ from today’s game”. Say what? I for one could not believe what I had read! The coaching staff […]

It’s time to ice Steve Price

It's time to ice Steve Price

29 Aug 2013

As a longtime Dragons fan I have had to go through many tough times since my father introduced me to them when I was a young bloke. The pinnacle was without doubt the 2010 grand final victory under Wayne Bennett. Wind the clock forward three years, however, and the once mighty St George Illawarra have […]

Miami Heat’s road and rebounding woes

Miami Heat's road and rebounding woes

9 Jan 2013

As a Miami Heat fan I am very concerned by a few areas that are hindering the journey towards back to back titles. This is despite them having the best record in the Eastern Conference 23-9. Firstly, rebounding! Defensive rebounding has been the biggest issue for the Miami Heat this season thus far. Miami do […]

Australian cricket’s current dilemma

Australian cricket's current dilemma

21 Nov 2012

Over the past few weeks I have been reading and watching many stories on the Australian batting line-up. Time for my opinion on the current batting options in the squad for Adelaide. Approaching the crucial second Test against the might of the South Africans, Australian selectors must get it right. With the squad they have […]

LeBron James will surpass Jordan

LeBron James will surpass Jordan

28 Oct 2012

LeBron James has the time and talent to surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all time. I for one am a Jordan fan and will always marvel at his achievements. He is, in my eyes, without a doubt the greatest sportsman to ever compete in any sport. But the footsteps of LeBron’s […]

Damien Martyn: Gone but not forgotten

24 Oct 2012

Winding the clock back a few years today, I found myself once again marveling at clips of Damien Martyn and his sublime strokeplay. Martyn is a very quiet, humble, unassuming man who was immensely talented. His exquisite timing of the cricket ball was stunning to see live at the SCG or on the TV at […]

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